What Is 'Dance Moms' Cathy Up To? The Candy Apple's Owner Had Some Offscreen Drama

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Abby Lee Miller has never been afraid of instilling a little hostile competition spirit in her dancers, and Season 4 of Dance Moms has been no different. Not only are Maddie, Chloe, and the gang facing off against a new dance crew in their own studio, but this Tuesday, they'll face their old rivals in competition again: Candy Apple's. And what does Candy Apple's mean? Cathy Nesbitt-Stein (and hopefully, Vivi-Anne).

Cathy's path on Dance Moms has been a sordid one, but her real life isn't so consistently shrill. She owns a dance studio, has the most accidentally hilarious daughter in the world, and if you're ever in Canton, Ohio and in need of some beef jerky, she's you're gal. Check out what Cathy and Candy Apple's are up to in the off-season.

Image: Lifetime

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