What Is 'Dance Moms' Cathy Up To? The Candy Apple's Owner Had Some Offscreen Drama

Abby Lee Miller has never been afraid of instilling a little hostile competition spirit in her dancers, and Season 4 of Dance Moms has been no different. Not only are Maddie, Chloe, and the gang facing off against a new dance crew in their own studio, but this Tuesday, they'll face their old rivals in competition again: Candy Apple's. And what does Candy Apple's mean? Cathy Nesbitt-Stein (and hopefully, Vivi-Anne).

Cathy's path on Dance Moms has been a sordid one, but her real life isn't so consistently shrill. She owns a dance studio, has the most accidentally hilarious daughter in the world, and if you're ever in Canton, Ohio and in need of some beef jerky, she's you're gal. Check out what Cathy and Candy Apple's are up to in the off-season.

Image: Lifetime

Still Owns Candy Apple's

Despite losing all of her competition dancers, forming an all-male team right as her star male dancer (forever in our hearts, Justice) was leaving, and then circling back to co-ed to be able to compete with Abby, and then, not even dancing… Cathy is still the owner, operator, and contributing instructor at Candy Apple’s Dance Center.

Image: Lifetime

Letting Vivi-Anne do Things Other than Dance (Hopefully)

Cathy wouldn’t be anything without Vivi-Anne; that child is a gift from the reality TV gods. Mostly because she hates dance and her face is incapable of reflecting anything less. As much as I love watching Vivi hate dance, I’ve always hoped that Cathy would let her play softball if she really wanted to. And a quick glance at Cathy’s Instagram suggests she might be broadening her horizons in regard to Vivi’s abilities: Tennis! Art! Zombies!

(Okay, Vivi-Anne also still dances a lot, but she seems a little happier about it in her older age.)

Image: Brightest Young Things

Keeping it Real

A lot of reality villains like to play coy on social media, making at least their internet presence seem tolerable, but not Cathy. She’s not afraid to go after the haters.

Cathy has at least always worn a little less glitter than the other dance moms. She seems to consider herself a bit of a fashionista — think fur jackets in June — but, according to her Twitter response to someone accusing her of not being classy, Cathy doesn’t shy away from #paylressshoes, either (I think that means Payless).

Image: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein/Instagram

She Has Stake in a Jerky Store

Consider Mike and Cathy Stein a regular Canton, Ohio power couple — just a couple of business owners, they are. In addition to Candy Apples, Mike owns a Tommy’s Jerky Outlet that he operates with his father. If you’re wondering about the wondrous world of jerky, Mike offers this insight about the marketplace: “Sixty percent of sales tend to be white-collar women who buy jerky and smokies for their husbands and kids.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Coming to Lifetime in 2015: Jerky Moms.

Image: Youtube

She Was Kicked Out of Dance Masters of America

Let us never forget that Cathy is still Cathy: the woman who owned a dance studio, then enrolled her own daughter in a different dance studio, then immediately quit, then makes it her personal mission to take down the old studio in competition. Next to Abby Lee Miller she’s like Frankenstein Lite, but she’s still shady as hell.

Perhaps that’s why she was booted from Dance Masters of America, an international organization of certified dance teachers, after her Candy Apple’s behavior was featured prominently on Dance Moms. On her Twitter, she claimed that former DMA President Bob Mann forced her to terminate her membership.

Image: Lifetime