Does Ashley Olsen’s Boyfriend Bennett Miller Get Michelle Tanner’s Approval?

Remember when Mary-Kate Olsen got engaged to Olivier Sarkozy and everyone freaked out? Of course people were happy that she's happy, but the age difference was a little surprising. He's 45 and she's 28. That's a 17-year age gap. He was old enough to see R-rated movies before MK was even born. Well, it turns out being attracted to older men must be a twin thing. Reportedly, Ashley Olsen is dating Bennett Miller, a 47-year-old director best known for working on Moneyball and Capote. Yes, your math is correct — he's 19 years older. Nineteen! They were spotted in NYC together over the weekend and Us Weekly says the relationship started back in February.

Sure, age is just a number, but it's hard to look past this when Miller is nearly the same age as Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Joey Gladstone. Seriously, he's closer in age to her three Full House guardians than he is to her. John Stamos is 50, David Coulier is 54, and Bob Saget is 58. And if Olsen dated any of them, it would not be acceptable. Yikes, let's not even imagine that! There have been enough things changing my perception of Full House lately.

Anyway, I don’t doubt MK & A are wise beyond their years. That must be why they date older guys. But still, it’s sorta strange, right?

Since they’ll always be Michelle Tanner in my eyes (despite seeing every TV series and movie special after Full House), I decided to imagine how she’d react to this Ashley news. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, look no further. You've got it, dude!

Michelle was watching TV when E! News reported about Ashley's new bf

(Don't question it. This is an alternate universe where Michelle Tanner and the Olsens are separate people.)

Then they mentioned Bennett Miller's age

"47? I can't even count that high," Michelle thinks to herself.

Seriously, she was shocked

She may have overreacted a bit

Then she thought about Danny's wise words

She calmed down & slowly began to change her mind

She realized she was being way too negative.

After all, there must be upsides, like fancy dinner dates

Which mean endless amounts of spaghetti.

Or going dancing

Michelle loves to dance.

Plus, Ashley's a grown up & can do what she wants

As long as Ashley is happy, that's all that matters

So does Michelle approve?

Admittedly, I still think the whole thing is a bit weird. But hey, if Michelle approves, you can't argue with that!

Images: Wifflegif