'OITNB' star Laverne Cox Slams Conan O'Brien In the Most Hilarious Cold Open Ever — VIDEO

The Orange Is The New Black cast was set to appear on Conan on Monday night, so naturally, Conan O'Brien had to beautify himself for the Litchfield women. So, who better to polish him up than Litchfield's very own beautician, Sophia Burset? In the video below, you can see Laverne Cox as Sophia prep O'Brien for the show in what might be one of the best cold opens you've seen in a long time. The Emmy-nominated Cox gives O'Brien all of the signature Sophia attitude that you would expect — and besides, she thinks Conan needs a new 'do.

During the time that Cox educates O'Brien on why he should change his hairstyle, she also hits him hard with hilarious insults, like this awesome takedown:

[...] You need to understand that you are turning off a huge segment of a demographic that you could be reaching. People are afraid of clowns, okay!? I'm scared just lookin' at you, Bozo 2.0, okay!?

Educate yourself, Conan! Sophia throws some more disses O'Brien's way, but I won't spoil 'em for ya — it's worth watching the entire thing to see their exchange.

Bottom line? Laverne Cox is amazing. She helped O'Brien put together a damn good segment. Also, is anyone else ready to handwrite a letter to Lorne Michaels requesting him to give Cox a hosting spot in the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live? She'd be a killer host.

You can watch it all below. Also — here's a special shout-out to Andy Richter to a pretty spot-on impression of Kate Mulgrew as Red, even if that wig is far from his best color.

Image: Netflix