With 'The Butler' and Lindsay Lohan, Oprah is Finally Making a Comeback

It may be too early to call, but 2013 may go down in history as the Year of Oprah.

Okay, probably not. But just a couple years after her talk show ended (and she jumpstarted the very, very troubled OWN), she's making a pretty strong comeback. So, what are the secrets to her success?

First of all, she's getting some juicy interviews with some scandal-making stars. She started with Rihanna back in late 2012, and her interview with Lance Armstrong in January after his steroid scandal made headlines. So of course, Oprah's next interview is with the most scandal-ridden star yet: Lindsay Lohan. The previews alone will give people enough cause to watch. In the 30-second clips, Oprah asks the tough questions that people want to know the answers to: "Do you think you are addicted to chaos?" "What's going to be different this time?" "What do you know about yourself now that you wish you'd known six rehabs ago?" "What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for 'child star gone wrong'?" As if that's not enough Lohan for OWN viewers, the former child star is getting her own reality show on the network, too.

And those exclusive interviews are helping OWN, Oprah's television network. Although the channel has been seriously low in the ratings, this year it finally turned a profit with the help of Oprah's interviews and a couple Tyler Perry shows. Not to mention that Oprah's own success as an actress is getting some buzz — The Butler will be released this Friday, and it'll be her first time on the big screen since her Academy Award-nominated performance in The Color Purple in 1985.

Plus, the universal awe at Oprah's general Oprah-ness is back. She just received a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Switzerland was so embarrassed that a Swiss store clerk was racist towards Her Majesty Oprah that their entire tourism board apologized to her.

It's about time that Oprah made a comeback — she's one of the richest women in America and the official religion of Liz Lemon, and we needed to remember just how powerful she is. After all, it's Oprah's world, and we're just living in it.