Lindsay Lohan's Interview with Oprah Winfrey Promises to Be a "Television Event." But Is It Really?

Those of you who thought Lindsay Lohan's Aug. 18 interview with Oprah Winfrey was just another sit-down on the Mean Girls actress' six-year tour of contrition, you're wrong. According to the teaser for the one-on-one, the interview is actually a "television event."

Granted, based on the teaser, Winfrey is not holding back, asking Lohan, who just finished a three-month stint in court-ordered rehab after lying to the cops at the scene of an accident in 2012, questions like, "Are you an addict" and "What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for 'child star gone wrong'?" (The latter question, admittedly, is a bit unfair, as I have yet to hear Lohan-ing used in a sentence, Oprah.)

Unfortunately, these questions aren't entirely new for Lohan — not only did the actress already recently give a tell-all interview to Piers Morgan, but she's spoken about her struggles and six trips to rehab with the likes of Vanity Fair , The New York Times Magazine , and even Winfrey's greatest former foe, David Letterman. So will it really be a "television event," or more of the same for the always-contrite Lohan?

Instead, there's far more to look forward to when it comes to Lohan's documentary series on OWN. Or, even, Lohan's guest-hosting stint on Chelsea Lately , which begins Monday (and should prove to be surprisingly good). Because, honestly, when it comes to Lohan, the last thing we want to hear about is her rehabilitation — it's time to talk purely about comeback.

Image: OWN