Will "Supernatural' Bring Chuck Back in Season 10? Fans Have A Lot of Faith in Him

Can it be Oct. 7 already? With all of these rumors, hints, and teases about Season 10 of Supernatural , I'm going through absolute torture waiting for this premiere. We already know that the season will begin with Sam searching for Dean, whom he does not yet know is a demon. Plus we learned more about the 200th musical-ish episode in which Dean and Sam investigate a haunting at the play-version of the books about their lives. And now Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver told TVLine that a special guest star will appear this upcoming season, and it's someone we were introduced to a few seasons back. Who the heck is it?

Jeremy reveals that Sheriffs Mills and Hanscum will appear in Season 10 of the show, which is great news as both characters are awesome. But as per usual with mysteries, I'm more interested in the special guest whose identity Jeremy won't give out. If this guest is connected to the 200th musical-ish episode about the play based on the Supernatural books, could the special guest be the author of said books, Chuck Shurley the prophet? We haven't seen him since he narrated Sam and Dean's take down of Lucifer in the Season 5 finale and then promptly disappeared after writing the words "The End." Could he back to see the boys again, and if so, will his disappearance be explained?

If Chuck really is the special guest for Season 10, the question some fans seem to have on their minds is why did Chuck disappear? It doesn't really make any sense if he was just a prophet, which is why many of them speculate, as TVLine said, that he could have been... wait for it... God. Yup, you read that correctly. Now, while I actually kind of like this theory in... theory, the application of it into the world of Supernatural angers me.

If Chuck really was God this whole time, why wouldn't he reveal himself during the most dire of times? Sure the saying goes that God works in mysterious ways, but remember when Castiel was looking for God and one of his angel brothers told him that "God is dead"? Remember all of the problems the angels have had to deal with over the last few seasons, all of the rebelling, the killing, the Metatron of it all? If Chuck/God didn't want to fix all of the problems of his creations and wanted them to fend for themselves, which is understandable, why wouldn't he at least provide some kind of inspiration or at least bring "Chuck" back sooner? The easiest person Supernatural could bring back would be Chuck's girlfriend Becky, though that might be too easy and not special enough for the 200th episode. She's also probably not the most well-liked character as compared to Chuck. And remember when she almost married Sam? Yuck.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm hoping that Chuck is coming back as well. But I just need some explanation if he is supposedly God. Maybe Chuck was just a vessel and didn't know he was being possessed? That's a theory I've seen from fans. Or perhaps Chuck could be something else, something new — maybe even an archangel like Gabriel. Remember him? The trickster-turned-archangel? Now he was the best. Or maybe Charlie could come back? I know there's no particular reason for her to return from Oz for the 200th episode but it would be awesome nonetheless. Ugh, I'll repeat my original sentiments: Can it be Oct. 7 already?

Images: The CW; gripdeantightandraisehim, kirkily/Tumblr