‘RHONY’s Aviva Drescher Skips Dad's Wedding to 25-Year-Old Despite Being Super Cool With His Unusual Relationship

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like Real Housewives of New York star Aviva Drescher isn't cool with her 76-year-old dad marrying a 25-year-old woman, after all. According to reports, Drescher bailed on her father George's wedding to Dana Cody, which took place in Malibu on Sunday. The affair was an intimate one, and everything apparently went off without a hitch, but no Aviva in sight. Maybe her asthma was acting up? Whatever the reason, I'm sure she has a doctor's note, or, you know, an X-ray.

Joking aside, I've gotta say, I'm fairly shocked that Aviva was a no-show at her dad's wedding. Throughout the season, she made such a point of expressing how much she supported her father and Cody. Not only did she throw them an engagement party (at the Museum of Sex — barf), she was quoted as saying, "I believe that Cody and my father are truly in love, and while it may be unconventional, I support my father." So, what happened at the wedding? Where's the support?

We all know that Aviva has a very strong aversion to traveling, so perhaps her absence had something to do with her not wanting to fly, but being that it's her father's wedding, it's strange nonetheless.

The only bummer? (Besides, you know, a child missing her parent's wedding?) The fact that the RHONY reunion airs tonight and is pre-taped. I would have loved to watch Aviva flounder while being interrogated by Andy Cohen — and I'm sure the rest of the cast would have, as well.

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