Clues About Taylor Swift's New Album May Be Hidden Throughout Her Instagram — PHOTOS

If you're a Taylor Swift fan, then you're likely to be heavily anticipating her new album with bated breath. Swifties know that it's definitely coming soon, since Taylor herself dropped a clue on Instagram on Monday. The clue, in case you missed it, was a short video of someone pushing the 18 button on an elevator — how ominous! Of course, this lead to a whole bunch of hypothesizing and speculation (18 days til the song is released? Is "18" the title of the track? Are there 18 songs on the album? Is the entire album about being 18? Must we consume 18 meals until the first single surfaces? SO MANY QUESTIONS). Swift also said that that clue was the first clue, which means that there may very well be more upon us...

But until Swift drops her next clue, perhaps we should take it upon ourselves to dig into her Instagram photos of the past to predict what may or may not show up on her album. What's been going on in T. Swift's life as of late that might prompt her to write a song or two? If Instagram is a way for her to communicate with her fans, then what has she been telling us — and what sort of lyrics and Top 10 hits can we expect in the near future?

If her Instagram does, in fact, tell all, then perhaps these might be some worthy predictions. It's never an inappropriate time to dissect the modern-day hieroglyphs known as Taylor Swift's Instagram photos... right? Especially when she has an album due!

Potential Track Title: "Carly"

A friendship song about her BFF, of course. Seriously, there are not enough songs about female friendship! Yes, the BFF depicted in the song could be Karlie Kloss — who spells her name "Karlie" not "Carly," but a little change of spelling always adds some musical mystery.

Potential Track Title: "Watercolors"

Probably a metaphor, but what do you see in a watercolor painting? Childhood! Youth! VIRGINITY. So many things... like a song.

Potential Track Title: "Black And White Photo"

Swift may have sung a bunch of sad songs about some guys, but she certainly has an awesome life with her pals — in part because she seems to be the perfect BFF. What if this whole album is dedicated to her memories with her pals? Plus, black and white photos = deep, which means hello, lyrics.

Potential Track Title: "The Photographer"

A picture is worth a thousand words — or lyrics, shall we say. Swift knows. She takes them.

Potential Track Title: "American Girl"

Pie. Of course. Or perhaps a cover of "American Pie"? This perfect looking pie just says so much. It makes me want to crawl into a hole of domesticity and hear a song about it.

Track Title: "When You're In My Arms"

About her cat! JK. But c'mon. She loves her cat. There are not nearly enough cat love songs in the world.

Images: taylorswift/Instagram (6)