13 Reasons She's The Ultimate BFF

Don't lie, if you had the chance to be best friends with Taylor Swift, you'd probably say "yes" in a heartbeat. At least I know I would! The singer's group of besties is ever-changing, but one thing is for sure: Tay seems like the perfect BFF. From fun adventures to heartfelt gifts, she truly deserves a trophy for her friendship skills. Oh, and she's also an amazing advice giver. Just ask Ellie Goulding! According to Perez Hilton, Ellie Goulding says Taylor Swift is a great friend and that she goes to her when she needs some honest advice. The British singer says, "We're friends because she understands the predicaments. She sees what is and isn't real." Any time she shares a problem with Swift, she gets a comforting response: "If I say, 'Oh God Taylor, this happened', she'll be like, 'Girl, that's nothing.' Suck it up, kind of thing."

Since when are these two best friends? Who knows, since it seems like Swift is friends with everyone. (And there's nothing wrong with that!) Although I imagine it's a bit awkward because everybody knows Swift and Ed Sheeran are close, and there was that whole Ed/Ellie dating rumor... But oh well, Swift probably gave them both awesome advice and helped make amends.

Besides giving advice, here are all the reasons T. Swift makes the best BFF:

Handmade Gifts

From punny jars of jam to needlepoints with Drake lyrics, Swift is the ultimate gift giver.

Front Row Seats

Friends are family, family are friends. That means invites to fun events like awards shows. Just ask her bro, Austin!

Game Nights

Why doesn't anyone want to play Scrabble with her? Is she secretly a human dictionary who always gets triple-word scores?

Road Trips

That time she went on a road trip with Karlie Kloss proved being friends with Swift is like a real-life version of Crossroads.


Like this one with Lena Dunham. No food is in sight, but she probably packed super-delicious sandwiches and lemonade in mason jars.

Funny Jokes

Emma Stone says Swift is hilarious, which must be true since Stone is ridiculously funny herself. Swift seems like that friend who tells really corny jokes, but cracks herself up and then everyone else laughs too.

TV Marathons

Pshh, Swift doesn't have to go out to have a good time. She's perfectly content marathoning her (and everyone's) favorite show Law & Order. She most likely does this with friends by her side, too.

Surprise Visits

Gena Gabrielle is a huge fan, so naturally Swift showed up at her bridal shower. She even brought the best gifts — a handmade painting and a bunch of baking supplies.

Honest Opinions

Hey, if she doesn't like the guy you're dating, she will definitely let you know even if you don't take her word for it. (Maybe Selena should've listened, huh?)

Endless Support

When her buddy Ed's new album came out, she proudly (and repeatedly) told everyone to go buy it.

All-You-Can-Eat Cupcakes

It's no secret she's an avid baker! This means she probably lets her friends taste-test all of her creations.

No Competition

Swift may not have taken home any Grammys this year, but she was perfectly content rooting for Lorde. It's a win-win when your friend succeeds!

Dance Lessons

On second thought, you might not want to learn Tay's dance moves. But if anything, she can stitch you an inspirational needlepoint that says, "Dance like nobody's watching."

Images: Ed Sheeran, TaylorSwift, GenaGabrielle/Instagram; Gheyldv, TotallyTaylor-Gifs, AwkwardTaylorSwiftDancing /Tumblr, Zap2It.com