Will Baby Groot Be In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2'? Here's What It May Look Like

I think it's pretty fair to say that everyone's favorite character in Guardians of the Galaxy is Baby Groot. Sure, the other leading characters are pretty lovable in their own quirky ways, but, I mean, it's hard not to immediately fall in love with a mini tree that grooves to the beat of The Jackson 5. (Duh.) The funny thing is that, if you were to ask people who their second favorite character is, I bet a good percentage of them would choose "regular"-sized Groot. Basically, every character named Groot is a winner. However, the question should no longer be, "Which Groot is the best?" It should be: "Which Groot will be gracing the screen in the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy?"

We can assume that he will come back for round two in one form or another since [spoiler] Rocket Racoon saved him from permanently dying by planting one of Groot's remaining twigs in a planter. But will we get to see an entire action film in which he's carried around in said planter by his comrades? Or will he go back to his original age in the first movie? (What is his age even? He's probably either a gazillion years old because he keeps on re-growing himself, or he's, like, a solid 35 years old.) In the end, I'll be overjoyed by any shape or form Groot takes, but I definitely wouldn't mind if he appears as one of these:

Baby Groot

Obviously Baby Groot is the best. However, it might be hard for Groot to actually do anything but dance if he's stuck in a planter. (Note: there is nothing wrong with a cute character who just dances all of the time.)

Toddler Groot

It could be pretty fun to watch Groot go through his "terrible twos." His tantrums would be awesome.

Hormonal 13-year-old Groot

What would tree pimples even look like?

Hormonal and Cocky 17-year-old Groot

Not only will he be hormonal, but he'll be a ridiculously arrogant teenager who thinks he's the coolest.

College Groot

Drunk Groot. 'Nuff said.

Married-with-kids Groot

This way we get a Daddy Groot and a Baby Groot.

Grandpa Groot

Sure, all he'll say is "I am Groot," but it will be said with so much wisdom. (Plus, Groot is already supposed to be a genius, so his grandpa knowledge will only enhance his mind.)

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