If 'Twisted' Season 2 Happens Lacey & Danny's Relationship Needs a Major Resolution

UPDATE: Bad news, Twisted devotees. ABC Family has sadly canceled Twisted . EARLIER: This love triangle has divided Twisted fans since the moment Lacey and Jo decided to fall in love with their maybe-murderer best friend Danny, and the show has given both ships more than enough sweet scenes to ignite their supporters' passion. But now, with Twisted Season 2 hanging in the balance, we're all left in the lurch. Where do we go from here?

In the beginning, it was Team Dacey that won out — Danny and Lacey fell hard for one another pretty much immediately, despite the messy complications that resulted when Lacey began dating the only real suspect in her best friend's murder case. But while the couple was hot and heavy in Season 1A, the second half of the first season had a totally different perspective on who Danny should be with. Jo, who secretly pined for Danny for what seemed like forever, started dating Danny's juvie buddy, Charlie — which was around the same time that Danny decided he really wanted to be with Jo. (#JoIsTheOne, am I right or am I right?) Poor Lacey — she was still getting over Danny when he declared his love for her oldest friend in the world. What will happen to Danny and Lacey's friendship if Twisted actually gets renewed?

Unfortunately, we may never find out. Twisted's fate is still up in the air, but assuming that ABC Family listens to our cries for more Twisted, Lacey and Danny's relationship is still something we need worked out. After all, Twisted began as a story of friendship, and there's no way that Lacey can ever really cut off Danny or Jo. That's what Twisted is truly about: how Danny, Lacey and Jo found one another again after the horrible event that changed their lives forever. If Danny and Jo do end up dating when Twisted returns (let's say "when" and not "if," for good luck) Danny and Lacey will have to seriously re-evaluate their friendship.

So how can Twisted have Danny and Lacey move on? Here's how Twisted could push Danny and Lacey back into the friends zone:

Lacey Starts Dating Whitney

So, yeah, Whitney is definitely a con artist and also probably a sociopath, but she also did seem genuinely into Lacey — probably because Lacey was smart enough to call her out on her bullshit. And if Whitney really was just playing Lacey? Well, at least Lacey can have some fun with Whitney before she steals her college fund.

Archie Declares His Love For Lacey

LOLz, where even is Archie? (Oh, right, Star-Crossed. He was on Star-Crossed .)

Lacey Realizes That She Was #TeamJanny All Along

Why do I feel like it might become more complicated than that?

Lacey Spends More Time With Rico

AWWWWW! Rico is the best. I'm not saying that these two should date, because not every friendship between a guy and a girl needs to turn into romance, but I'm not not saying that, either. Rico's heart kind of got squashed by Jo and Lacey's heart kind of got squashed by Danny, so these two really need to spend way more time together discussing the parallels in their lives.

Twisted needs to be renewed so we can see more of the trio in action. Sorry your heart got smushed, Lacey, but I'm confident you can bounce back.

Images: ABC Family; twisted-onabcfamily/tumblr; fckyeahtwisted/tumblr; Twisted Wiki