'Twisted' Season 2 Could Give Jo & Danny A Chance If ABC Family Brings It Back, But Is That A Good Thing?

UPDATE: I hate to tell you this, everyone, but ABC Family has cancelled Twisted . EARLIER: Don't leave this couple hanging, ABC Family. Teen mystery-drama Twisted is still waiting for a renewal from the network, but fans are already organizing petitions for Twisted Season 2. I happen to be one of those people hoping for some good news from ABC Family. Sure, I want to know about what happened to Charlie after that major reveal about his real parentage and who, if anyone, got shot in the finale, but that's not what I really want to know. What do I want to know? I'm itching to find out whether Danny and Jo are going to make their maybe-love official — and whether it will work out if they do.

Since we don't know yet what the people in charge at ABC Family are going to do regarding Twisted, the only thing that we can do is speculate about the potential future fate of one side of the intense Twisted love triangle. First, a little recap about Jo and Danny's relationship: Jo, Danny, and Lacey were BFFs until Danny killed his Aunt Tara at one of their playdates. (Note: Danny didn't really kill his Aunt Tara but... not important.) Danny went to juvie and returned years later all brooding and hot and what not. He slowly won Lacey and Jo's trust, and Jo fell hard for Danny. Unfortunately, Danny was busy falling hard for their best friend, Lacey, who started a secret relationship with him behind Jo's back.

In Season 1B, the tides seemed to shift. Lacey and Danny were fighting, and it was because of Danny's desire to protect Jo. Lacey saw what basically everyone did — that Jo and Danny were the way better match — and broke things off with Danny. Danny came to his senses and realized that Jo was, in fact, "the one" — ABC Family even made a hashtag for it!

(Slow clap for all of you brave Jo & Danny shippers out there who dared to defy the idea that Lacey and Danny were endgame.)

We may never see Jo and Danny as a couple, but we should. I'm all about rooting for the underdog, and Jo definitely was one when it came to Danny. Yes, Danny adored her as a friend, but it kind of sucked to watch Jo pining over Danny while her pretty, popular friend got the guy. Jo and Danny had infinitely more chemistry than Lacey and Danny ever could, and there was something really beautiful about watching it finally click in Danny's mind that Jo is the one that he should be with — not like Jo was waiting around for him to finally realize it.

Jo and Danny's friendship (or potential romantic relationship) was never easy, but that's what made it oh so good. Jo challenged Danny and didn't put up with bull, even when she was pining over him and hoping that he reciprocated her affections in Season 1A. Even when Danny saw Jo as "just a friend," Danny still cared about her deeply and wanted to keep her safe — basically, these two were meant to be right from the start.

(The photo above was them as platonic friends, because apparently Danny was blind to their natural spark.)

We won't know until the end of the summer whether Twisted is cancelled or renewed, but ABC Family would be wise to let Jo and Danny play out their adorable relationship on screen.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy; lissadrgomir/tumblr