2 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Deleted Scenes If You Just Haven't Had Enough Marvel Today — VIDEOS

We've already revelled in the adorable camaraderie present in the preview for Captain America: The Winter Soldier 's blooper reel. Now it's time to spend some time with two of Winter Soldier 's deleted scenes. They are, it should be noted, much less full of giggles than the blooper reel.

All of these Winter Soldier tidbits have been released, it would seem, in order to capitalize on Guardians of the Galaxy's success as a chance to shill the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the Cap sequel. It also leads to, likely inadvertently, a rather fascinating comparison between the two films. Guardians of the Galaxy is, of course, powerfully more silly than Winter Soldier — one's a political thriller and the other's a colorful intergalactic space romp. It just goes to show how far Marvel can stretch its various limbs.

As for the deleted scenes themselves, the first features Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill throwing mad shade at SHIELD's sketchy practices — while she's still working for SHIELD. She gets reprimanded by a fellow SHIELDer, but those who've seen the movie know she's just gotta stick around long enough to help our heroes bust out of their handcuffs. The other scene features Hydra SHIELDer Robert Redford being generally villainous.

Maria Hill's SHIELD shade:

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Robert Redford stretches his villain muscles (sadly not literally):

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Image: Marvel