On 'Pretty Little Liars' Not Even Noel Kahn Trusts Alison — So Who's This New Guy That Knows Her Story?

Well, now we know that Alison DiLaurentis is up to something super shady. It's been a running mystery whether or not Noel Kahn is a good guy or a bad guy and on Monday night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, fans finally got their answer. Apparently, Noel is just another puppet in Alison's games — just like her so-called best friends — and he's trying to gain leverage just like them. I've been questioning Alison's motives since PLL Season 5 began and after Ali planned an attack on Mrs. Marin during last Monday's episode, I knew for sure that something wasn't right there. So what the hell is she up to?

Basically, Ali is shifty as hell — case and point when Spencer caught her sneaking through her yard in the middle of the night. (Spencer is like a modern-day Harriet the Spy.) But that's not the only instance that's made me question her this season, in New York she made that mysterious phone call and, well, she's constantly trying to run away. There's also that really great fact that she lied to the police when the gruesome fivesome returned to Rosewood and now she's trying to control everyone to keep the shit from hitting the fan. It almost seems like she's trying to keep herself in danger for a reason we've still yet to find out (and I don't think we ever will, considering we still don't know who "A" is).

So, when Emily pulled surveillance photos and an audio device out of Noel's car, we thought for sure that he was in on it. Well, in typical PLL fashion, fans were pointed in the wrong direction. When Spencer took the photos and audio up to the lake house for "safe-keeping," Noel was already there hiding under a sheet like a major creep-o. And, again, I was convinced that Noel was totally a bad guy. Unfortunately, I jumped ahead of myself — along with Spencer — because apparently, just like the liars, Noel is being used by Ali too and he's trying to plan ahead for when she throws him under the bus. How screwed up is that?

If Noel, who's been helping Ali stay hidden and has seemed invaluable to her safety and escape plans is worried about being targeted by her, everyone should be worried. Because he's done a hell of a lot more than Spencer, Aria, Emily, or Hanna have done. Did he predict that this new, unnamed character would be descending on Rosewood to send Ali into a panic? Or maybe this is the moment she's been preparing for with all of her shiftiness, considering he knew all about her fake story.

Either way, even though we realized last week with her stunt at the Marin house that Ali absolutely can't be trusted to be a decent human being, if Noel Kahn doesn't even trust her, the liars have bigger problems than we thought.

Image: ABC Family