Why Ezra Is The #1 'PLL' Guy

When ABC Family revealed that Ezra was “A” last season, I turned to a friend and said, “Are they actually trying to convince us that Ezra is the bad guy?” Sure, Ezra has had his moments where he’s lacked good judgement — mainly that time he was over 21 trying to date a girl who was under 18…twice — but if I was a student at Rosewood, I too would have the hots for Mr. Fitz. Ezra is by far the best guy on PLL , thus ranking number one in our list of PLL guys. He’s attractive, nice and generally wants to protect Aria.

Not only is he the only character who actually has some clue about what is going on in the town, he pulled the ultimate hot guy move last season when he got shot in order to protect the girls from "A." That deserves the top spot, but where do all the other guys rank on our hot or not list list? For the purposes of this list, you have to put aside the fact that most of the guys on this show are pretty creepy and most of them are way too old to have hooked up with high schoolers.

1. Erza Fitz (Duh)


Even though there’s a chance that Wren may be a bad guy, we don’t really know for sure yet. He’s British, extremely attractive, and he’s a doctor. What more can we ask for from our number two guy? Unfortunately, he’s tried to hook up with both of the Hastings, but I guess we can forgive him. #hotguyproblems


So what if Jason’s gotten a little bit creepy this season? I think we can definitely look past that. He just lost his mother, have some sympathy. Remember when they replaced the first actor that played Jason? I for one, could not have been happier with the actor change, because Jason is definitely one of the hottest guys on the show now. Everyone needs a bit of a bad boy in their lives.


Caleb will soon be on his way back to Rosewood, thanks to ABC Family's unlucky gamble. We were ecstatic when Ravenswood was canceled because that meant Caleb would be back on PLL for good. Caleb was the only one who has been inherently good since the shows premiere. All that may change this season, but nothing compares to the Hanna and Caleb shower scene from Season 1.


He was only in a few episodes, but the first time I laid eyes on Wesley Fitz, it was love at first sight. I mean he deserves to be in the top five because of his face alone, but he’s also directly related to Ezra and in the right age range for the girls on the show, a win-win in my opinion. I am not sure why he doesn’t appear on the show more, but everyone could use a bit more Wesley, am I right?


You really can’t blame Hanna for making a move on the hot new detective, AKA Steve from Sleepover . ABC Family really stepped up the hot guy game last season when they added Holbrook to the cast. He may be really hot, but like the rest of the police force, he’s terrible at his job. Why can’t anyone solve crimes in this town. At least he looks hot while he’s trying to outsmart high schoolers. He gets credit for that, right?


He was an amateur peeping tom, hooked up with a 16-year-old while he had a girlfriend and then hooked up with his girlfriend’s sister. He deserves the boyfriend-of-the-year award, obviously. Ian was a terrible human being, but he was pretty damn sexy which is why he ranks number seven on our list. I definitely wouldn’t have minded if he stayed around for a bit longer, even if he was a major creep.


Noel has had his ups-and-downs, but most recently he has been helping Ali stay hidden. In the past he was pretty obnoxious and even though we don’t know what his role is in the drama, he’s still fun to look at. We could use a bit more Noel Kahn in our lives.


Okay, so Toby is a main character and he’s pretty far back on the list, but I can explain. He’s proven to be a decently nice guy even when we didn’t think he was. He just isn’t the hottest guy on the show, which is why he ranks behind some of the more evil guys. (What can I say, ABC Family drama is a superficial place.) However, Toby’s personality keeps him in the Top 10. He deserves credit for being a good guy, don’t you think?

10. JAKE

Aria’s rebound man was pretty cute, even if he was only around for a short time. He was removed from all the drama and seemed like the safe bet, but everyone knows Aria belongs with Ezra, therefore Jake had to go. Sorry, but he’s no Ezra Fitz and he never will be. Stereotypical nice guys don’t win on PLL.


Travis is pretty whatever to me. We don’t really know anything about him or how he is in any way involved in the show. Now that Caleb is coming back, we can pretty much write off Travis as a guy Hanna went on one date with. He is pretty forgettable.


You have to hate Wilden. He was a crooked cop that blackmailed everyone. I am completely surprised that he lasted as long as he did in Rosewood. He was the absolute worst and wasn’t even that all that attractive. Cheers to CeCe for finally getting rid of him once and for all.


He was Ian’s annoying sidekick and I’m not really sure how anyone let Garrett become a police officer. Although he tried to help the girls in the very end, he did some annoying things before that and he definitely deserved to get killed off. I doubt that anyone cared very much about Garrett.


Go home Lucas. Last and certainly least, Lucas is by far the worst character on the show. He’s an ass, part of the the “A” team, and he's not exactly providing us with any romantic drama. I am not even sure what he’s still doing on this show.

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