One Direction’s Niall Horan Gets in Miley Cyrus’ Pants… Literally — PHOTO

Who knew that Niall Horan was such a big Miley Cyrus fan? The funny One Directioner shared a backstage photo on his Twitter account of himself sporting some really tight printed leggings at the band’s New Jersey show, but they weren’t just any ordinary leggings. Niall Horan's leggings were printed with Miley Cyrus' face! Horan accessorized the outfit perfectly by striking the “Adore You” singer’s signature pose and sticking out his tongue. Of course, when two celebrities unite like this, it must be documented for social media, and Horan helpfully tweeted the pic at Cyrus, explaining that she must have left these awesome self-printed pants in New Jersey. No word yet if Horan plans to return them, though. He said he found them really comfortable, and knowing him he probably had the whole Cyrus experience and did a few twerks to test them out.

Cyrus already replied via Twitter saying, "fuckkkk yasssss," an appropriate response, I'd say. This is the second time a 1D-er showed some Miley love by dressing up in her honor. Remember Harry Styles on Halloween? It's time that Cyrus responded, and the One Direction fanbase is rife with band and Niall screenprinted love. I’m sure that the pop star could scrounge up something to tweet back at him. I have a few suggestions myself, and it’s definitely not because I checked out Etsy fanshops for a “Mrs. Niall Horan” sweatshirt after watching One Direction’s movie...

She could sport a basic T-shirt with his face modeling a blue steel sort of expression.

And if it gets chilly, Cyrus can always throw on a scarf and matching hat.

For pants, she just needs to find her own One Direction leggings, like these from the Etsy shop Top Closet.

And if she has kid-sized feet, she can top off the look with these wellies from their One Direction pop up shop.

Then again, you can never knock a classic closet staple, like a One Direction onesie, and the boys had a hand — get it? — in designing this limited edition adult onesie from One Piece. I could definitely see Cyrus wearing this.

Or she could use a new stage dress, and of course 1D has that covered too.

Cyrus should just swap out her entire closet and get a One Direction themed wardrobe. I think if anyone could do it, it would be her. I mean, we hardly bat an eye when she grinds on a banana on stage, so she would be the perfect bold trendsetter to make wearing 1D from head-to-toe cool.

Images: Only Humans, Top Closet/Etsy; One Direction Store (2); One Piece; Amazon