Chris Pratt's "Forgot About Dre" Radio Rap Finally Gets the Music Version It Deserves — VIDEO

In case you need someone to tell you for the billionth time, Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt is the boy of summer. Okay. So there's your reminder. But in case you missed the moment in hip hop history when Chris Pratt rapped Eminem's verse of "Forgot About Dre" on a radio show, flooring everyone with his lyrical flow and ability to remember complex lyrics, well, that happened. And now, someone on the Internet has stepped up the hip hop game with this video of "Forgot About Dre" featuring Chris Pratt singing Eminem's verse over the music. So basically, it's "Forgot About Dre," The Pratt Remix — and yes, it's (predictably) awesome.

Obviously, this gem brings up some major questions, like "Is it okay to cross our fingers for an album composed entirely of Pratt rap covers?" "Can Pratt rap all of Eminem's songs, please?" "Is it weird that I want to find away to put this on my iPhone?" (No. It's not.)

So, thank the Internet for giving you this remix, thank DJ Whoo Kid for encouraging Pratt to show off his rap prowess, thank Pratt for obliging, and thank Dr. Dre and Eminem for recording this back in '01. Essentially, you're about to unravel a whole bunch of grateful feelings that you didn't know existed inside of you.


Trey Davis on YouTube