Jay Z & Beyonce Are Just Going Through Normal Couple Stuff So Cool Your Jets

Okay, so it's still solely a celebrity gossip site/magazine, but when Us Weekly reports something, there's usually a grain of truth to it. And they're currently claiming that, despite there being trouble in Beyoncé/Jay Z paradise, there's still a chance that the couple is going to pull through. (Did you just exhale for the first time in two weeks? Me too.)

Okay, let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. Us is saying that things definitely aren't great right now in the Carter-Knowles household. In fact, a good portion of what we've heard about them thus far probably is true — i.e., they are staying in separate hotel rooms; and Bey may or may not have househunted without her husband. But! But! Us reports that a source "close to the couple" (that's good!) says that, overall, they're happy; they "just have issues, like every other couple."

Finally, a small glint of hope in what's been an otherwise very dark few weeks. Save for a Bey and Jay photo that "leaked," all we've heard for the past month or so is how divorce is imminent for the couple — and to be honest, it's been pretty damn depressing.

So, let's raise our glasses to "just having issues like every other couple," shall we? And let's hope that this source isn't friends with other couples whose issues typically end in divorce.

Image: Gif Soup