'Parenthood' Season 6 Rymber Spoilers: Why Amber Might Really Be Pregnant

Honestly, I have a pretty big love/hate relationship with Ryan and Amber's relationship on Parenthood. Yes, I understand that I'm not actually a part of their relationship in any way, but, come on, as fans we get to have opinions on who our favorite characters should end up with — don't even get me started on any of Rory Gilmore's boyfriends — and I just don't think that Rymber should be a thing. I totally get that Ryan loves Amber, and that Amber loves Ryan, and that they're basically addicted to each other, but, in my opinion, Ryan seems to make Amber sad, not happy. And I don't know about you, but all I want for Amber is happiness, because after five seasons of crying, she deserves it.

Considering that I'm against I-like-to-drunk-drive-and-ruin-lives Ryan and good-girl-at-heart Amber being together in the first place — I definitely shouted, "No!" at the TV screen when he haphazardly proposed to her — it should be no surprise that the final act of Season 5, which showed Amber buying a pregnancy test after they had officially ended things, made me want to puke. Ugh, no thanks. Now that Season 6 is almost around the corner, it's time to figure out what exactly is going to happen to our young lovers.

Based on past seasons and rumors that have floated around the web, here are few predictions for what lies ahead for Rymber:

Amber is pregnant, she has the baby, and they get back together.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Parenthood creator Jason Katims had this to say about what he hopes to see for the final season:

And to me, Parenthood is about, in a way, the cycle of life. You see these little kids become bigger kids and this season, you saw a shift in the patriarch going from Zeek to Adam. I think I would want the end to be about sort of that kind of change, that idea that something is passing and something is starting, something is beginning.

Kids becoming bigger kids? Something beginning? Yeah, a baby could definitely be in Amber's future. Although, I would be absolutely devastated if they got back together just because she was pregnant.

Amber is pregnant, she keeps the baby, but she raises it on her own without Ryan.

According to The Wrap, during the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Katims revealed that there is going to be "one larger story that influences everybody on the show" and that it will be "a huge new challenge for the family." Yeah, a baby is definitely a huge challenge. Also, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that, during the tour, Katims also revealed that approximately "three months will have passed since the season final" and that "the results of the test would be revealed early on," which totally means that the first scene of Season 6 could open up on Amber's baby bump.

Amber is pregnant, but she gets an abortion.

Although Parenthood hasn't shied away from the topic of abortion in the past, during the TCA Press Tour, Katims also said that the huge challenge will be "one that we [haven't] seen before," and we've most definitely seen this before with Drew's girlfriend, Amy.

Amber is pregnant, but she puts the baby up for adoption.

It would be extremely tear-inducing to watch one of the show's fan-favorite characters have to deal with the emotional toll of giving up her own baby, but, again, we already went through the whole adoption thing with Julia and Joel... twice.

Amber isn't pregnant, and she realizes that she needs to move on from Ryan.

We've all been fooled by cliffhangers before. The Season 5 finale could have just been a way to hold onto the Rymber relationship for a little bit longer. In the end, nixing the pregnancy would be a great way to show Amber's strength and positive decision-making skills. Also, it would officially prove that there's no way she was able to get pregnant from having "sex" in that hospital bed because how did that even work with his cast?

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC (6)