'Garfunkel & Oates' Gets Its Oates From Her

by Casey Rackham

Well, the female (and American) TV version of Flight of the Conchords is finally here (kind of), and we couldn't be happier to add it to our watch-list. IFC's new comedy Garfunkel and Oates follows the comedy-folk duo of the same name as they navigate both their professional and personal lives (and say and sing super weird and hilarious things).

The pair, which is made up of funny ladies Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome, are known for their truth-bomb (and satirical) songs that make you reevaluate things like your pregnant friend's smugness, what kind of sex is okay to have, and whether or not you're drunk enough to sleep with a douche. (Yeah, their honesty is mercilessly funny.) Basically, if their show is anything like their live performances or their "Brutally Honest Video Cards," then Micucci and Lindhome have a pretty good chance of successfully bringing their humor to the masses.

But here's the thing — we know that when you put both women together, you get a magical musical experience filled with undeniable hysterical facts of life, but what do you get when you take them apart? Let's take a look at one half of the equation, Kate Micucci:

1. If you ever watched Raising Hope, then you'll probably recognize her as Shelley, that girl with the ukulele and a dead tooth.

Remember her? She was the one that sang songs of her own creation to the people and animals at her daycare (for pets, kids, and senior citizens).

2. She played Stephanie Gooch in Scrubs.

Hmm, looks like if you ever need an actress who can sing a song on cue, you should call Micucci.

3. She likes to doodle.

Ahh, the key to unlock anyone's heart.

4. And her illustrations are really funny (of course).

There's that truth, again.

5. She gets that her last name sounds like "my-coochie."

In fact, she had a show at the Steve Allen Theater called "Playing With Micucci." Possible names she'd like her kids to have? Pat, Phil, or Sharon. (Add them to Micucci.)

6. She plays a bunch of instruments.

From being able to play everything from the trombone to the piano to the ukulele, she's pretty much the musical person you always wish you could have been.

7. She was on an episode of Key & Peele.

We can all learn at little something about respect.

8. She enjoys reenacting musicals with Lindhome.

Obviously Micucci should have been cast in the upcoming Into the Woods .

Images: katemicucci/Instagram (3); reddit