Scott Went a Little Crazy at the Versace Mansion

Reality shows breed strange creatures you might not want to hang out with in real life, certainly, but longer running shows owe their extended plays to the dynamic personalities behind them. The world can only handle so many seasons of Flavor of Love, but on the other hand, it seems like audiences aren't tired yet of Keeping Up With the Kardashians . From adventures in Thailand, to traipsing around the Versace Mansion in Miami, Scott Disick (pardon me, Lord Disick) is certainly prime among those dynamic personalities.

While every member of team Kardashian is pretty fond of Instagramming their lifestyle, Disick takes it to a whole other level, specifically with his Lord posturing. So it was no surprise the family, and Disick himself, took the whole staying at the Versace mansion thing and went hog wild with Instagramming the whole affair non-stop.

The trip began with the girls greeting press outside of their balcony like royalty (though Disick was not to be found at that photo op, which is a shame because it's got "Lord" written all over it). While the girls might have gotten some initial glory, the real star of the trip was Disick's Versace shirt, which all at once matched and clashed with everything else in the mansion.

While the other Kardashian girls may have posed with the iconic emblem at the mansion, only Disick had the gall to add some Versace flair to his look. It was probably for the better the hard-partying Disick wasn't there for the balcony photoshoot. While he might have had some major swag during the stay, he definitely had a majorly awful attitude to match. Disick has had long documented problems with alcohol, with his drinking interfering with his relationship with Kourtney, especially when vacationing. ET reports that the Lord upset the family vacation by being loud, drunk, and generally boorish, with Kim trying to step in to maintain order and peace.

It's unfortunate that yet another plotline has resulted in the "Scott-is-a-drunk-asshole" conclusion, but it's certainly not unexpected. In the clip above, Kourtney mentions in the episode preview that she's also fighting with Khloe at the time, and Disick's behaviour dampers her whole vacation experience, so you have to guess the cycle is beginning to grate on her — though you wouldn't have known it from the photos. The Karashians' social media accounts just show an opulent trip, but this week's KUWTK will reveal the drama hiding behind the Instagrams.

Images: letthelordbewithyou/Instagram