Lil' Kim Releases Another Song Dissing Nicki Minaj

Obviously, motherhood has not mellowed Lil' Kim in the least. Most new moms ease back into their routines after returning from maternity leave, but Kim's dived head-first into work. In addition to accessorizing Beyoncé and Minaj's "Flawless" remix with some choice rhymes of her own, on Wednesday Lil' Kim dropped "Identity Theft," aimed directly at Minaj. Broaching the subject of this brewing Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj feud almost guarantees collateral damage, but here goes.

To address the track, Lil Kim isn't holding anything back. When I heard the lyrics, "I guess it's back to stashing guns in the bra again, pullin' bitches out they car again," my initial reaction was "Lil' Kim, wait you're a brand new mother, don't do this, WHAT ABOUT THE BABYYYY!!!" But it's all apart of the hip-hop game and Kim's tough-as-nails image, and it happens to be a pretty solid showing for Kim lyrically, despite the redundant theme.Unfortunately, that doesn't make her preoccupation with dissing Nicki Minaj any less cringe-worthy. Since it appears that Minaj has no immediate plans to directly acknowledge her, I can only hope that Lil' Kim will let it go and maybe partake in a brainstorming session to cultivate more song topics. Minaj's blatant disinterest makes this a one-sided battle, which is probably her intent. Judging by this Billboard

poll that asks if Minaj should respond, opinions are nearly split down the middle. Sure, it would be an interesting exchange if the ladies' feud was solely based on entertainment, which is obviously something that can be only be determined with significantly more insight. But from the outside looking in, Lil' Kim's persistence coupled with Minaj's lack of response indicates that the tension between the ladies stems from something far beyond the music.Take a listen to "Identity Theft":