Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen in 'It Takes Two' Were Just As Adorable As You Imagined Says Co-Star Steve Guttenberg

Ever wonder what your childhood idols, Mary Kate and Ashley, were like? No, not in that Ashley was a girly girl and Mary Kate was a tom boy-- everyone knows that, duh. And, it's also a universally acknowledged fact that they were stealthy and had the ability to solve any crime by dinner time. We're also aware they were fairly cultured because they spent a healthy amount of time touring European countries. Okay, so maybe we know a lot about them, actually. But, it's reassuring to know that despite how wealthy the twins became at such a young age, it didn't affect them negatively. They were a lot more like their sweet-natured characters than people may have thought.

If you need proof that MK and A were just as precious as their alter egos, The Huffington Post did the digging for you and spoke to their fake dad, It Takes Two co-star, Steve Guttenberg. The verdict? He's still singing their praises. In an interview with HuffPost Live, he described his incredibly young co-stars as "...balanced and stable," and even went on to say that, "They were adorable. They came to my house once for a little pool party. They were great kids."

See? Adorable. Exactly as us 90's girls knew them to be, just a bunch of true to life Michelle Tanners. Thank goodness, too, because watching re-runs of Full House wouldn't be the same. And what would we have done with all those The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley VHS's that are piled high in our basements if they turned out to be a pair of mini divas?!

Thanks for staying chill, guys.

Images: Dualstar Productions; Giphy