'Big Brother's Zach Has a Meltdown, Fruit Loop Dingus-Style

Oh, where should I even begin with Zach on Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother? The fact that his latest phrase "fruit loop dingus bust a fooligan" or that his plan of attack to stay in the Big Brother house was to "sleep all day, eat a lot of food, and brush my teeth" wasn't even the craziest thing he said or did tells you just how far off the deep end the first half of Zankie has gone. Rather, it was Zach's full-on meltdown during the Power of Veto competition that sealed the deal as his craziest moment, and that's really saying something.

Zach was convinced he had the PoV in the bag, going up against "losers" (his words, not ours) like Victoria, Caleb, Christine, Jocasta, and Nicole, but when push came to shove during the inspired comic book challenge (seriously, those things looked great), he floundered. Both a physical challenge and a memory game, Zach — whose comic book hero was called "Zach Attack!" — couldn't live up to his own hype. ("I'm feeling like if Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all had a kid somehow and that was me," he bragged, far too early.)

The excitable Big Brother houseguest grew increasingly frustrated when he couldn't line up the correct comic books and totally lost it — yelling to himself, America, and no one in particular — when he realized winning the Power of Veto wasn't going to happen. Zach cried, "My mind is all jibble, jabble, joggle, jigga craggle. My game is just falling into shambles. I've never been so frustrated in my life." Ah, I couldn't have said it any better myself.

After a series of screaming to the heavens and a couple of more "dingus" quips, Zach finally finished and looked like a man who knew he had been defeated on Big Brother, possibly for good.

Zach finished the game with a pitiful time of 26:17 (though it still wasn't nearly as terrible as Victoria's time of the maximum alloted 35 minutes), not only ensuring his place on the block, but falling to his enemy Christine, who earned the Power of Veto. Christine, unsurprisingly, didn't use the PoV on Zach and between his hilarious, albeit useless "speech" to get off the block and the fact that the house is getting eager to get rid of power players, you should probably expect another Zach meltdown come Thursday night, dingus.

Image: CBS