'RHONJ' Nicole Isn't a "Homewrecker" & Can't Wait To See Amber at the Reunion

Has there ever been a party in Real Housewives of New Jersey history that has gone off without a hitch, let alone a party with no hair pulling? We saw the second coming of Hair-gate on RHONJ and while this one wasn't as scream worthy as the first one, — I'm talking the Danielle Staub hair pulling incident — it escalated really quick and suddenly made the first responders party seem ironic. After Melissa told Nicole and her twin sister Teresa about the rumors that Amber was "spreading" about Nicole breaking up a family, Nicole and Teresa decided they needed to confront the situation immediately.

When they were at Nicole's boyfriend's first responders party, Nicole wasted no time getting down to business, calling Amber out for what she told Melissa. Cue hair pulling. There is something to be said about grown women, in costumes, arguing about destroying a family and pulling each other's hair that screams, "Only on RHONJ."

Nicole decided to use her Bravo blog to discuss the situation with viewers, but really, it was basically an open letter to Amber about how betrayed she feels. She wasted no time getting down to it, either. And how does Nicole feel about the situation? Well I'll let you be the judge of that.

You didn’t waste any time. Here I am thinking you are my friend, and from day one you have been my enemy! WOW! WOW! WOW! Disgraceful! You call yourself a Christian, yet the lies don’t end with you! Two things I despise in life are LIARS and HYPOCRITES!

Nicole continues to say that she had opened up to Amber on a personal level, citing her divorce and Amber's relationship with Nicole's children being two things that bonded the two of them. But once the accusations of cheating and breaking up a marriage were brought to light, Nicole now says that Amber has reached an absolute low. Nicole continues to say that the sanctity of marriage is extremely important to her and how she despises women who break up marriages.

Nicole says she lost respect for Amber, and it seems the two of them haven't had much of a relationship since.

There is a God and HE is the one you will have to answer to one day, and before that you'll have to answer to me at the reunion!

You can relive the first responders party below, to help pass the time until the inevitably explosive reunion.

Image: Bravo