'Hart of Dixie' Season 4 Photo Might Prove George & Tansy Are Back Together

George Tucker's really gotten screwed over by Hart of Dixie. So it was really disappointing at the end of the Season 3 finale when George thought he'd had a revelation and that Lemon was his soul mate. Because, well, George could do so much better than crawling back to the woman he ditched at the alter. While we still don't know when Hart of Dixie Season 4 will arrive, we do know a few characters that are back on set in Bluebell thanks to Scott Porter's Instagram account. And, surprise, surprise, people, Tansy Truitt is back — so, are Tansy and George getting back together?

Throughout HOD Season 3, Tansy was dating George's arch-nemesis Scooter McGreevey, so George did everything in his power to convince her that Scooter was the worst guy on the planet. (In George's defense, Scooter is the terrible and obnoxious.) And when he finally succeeded in breaking up Scooter and Tansy, George really thought that there was hope for him and his Dolly Parton-loving ex to get back together. Sadly, there wasn't because Tansy still had ridiculous feelings for Scooter — even after George delivered a speech worthy of the best rom-coms about how they're both unlucky in relationships and how that obviously meant that they belong together. Tansy wasn't sold on the fact that she had a future with George (sad, I know — but unsurprising considering she ran out on him once when she thought he was proposing in Season 2) and got back together with Scooter.

But there could still be hope, people — especially because Tansy is smart and Scooter will never stop being a huge jerk (she'll catch on eventually). In this behind-the-scenes photo from HOD Season 4, George, Tansy, and the brothers Truitt are all together and hopefully that means one thing — Tansy's giving George another chance.

All of Tansy's appearances in Season 3 were related to George in one way or another because it's obvious that he's still hung up on her. And after his proclamation of love for his former fiancé in the season finale, actress Mircea Monroe's return to set might be a hint that George realized how wrong he was and that he was just feeling burned by Tansy rejecting his speech about them being made for each other. First, because HE broke up with Lemon and they were blatantly wrong for each other all along and second, because it's not every day that you find someone who cares about whether or not your favorite fruit gets bruised when you take it to work. And Tansy is that person for George.

With its mid-season premiere, Hart of Dixie might be looking at its final season in 2015. Which would make it only fair that George Tucker ends up with the girl that was best for him by the time HOD wraps, sadly, for good. And, as far as any fan can tell — out of all the girls George has dated — Tansy is the right one by a long shot.

Images: The CW, SkittishKid/Instagram