Dannijo's Doing Shoes Now

Dannijo's jewelry line promotes neck and arm parties to fulfill accessorizing dreams, but soon our feet will be in for a treat as well. Come spring 2015, Dannijo is launching a shoe collection to expand the brand's design repertoire. This isn't the sister-designed company's first foray outside the jewelry market: Dannijo launched a handbag line two seasons ago.

According to Fashionista, designer Danielle Snyder said, “We want to dress our woman head to toe, and shoes are a natural next step — literally and figuratively." The company is partnering with Transparent Footwear Inc's Eric Rutberg to create the collection. The line may be splurge worthy for some, with prices ranging from flat sandals starting at $250, dress sandals for $325 and spring booties for $450.

The jewelry line already consists of signature elements such as metal accents and Swarovski crystals which will carry over to the shoe line as well. The footwear launch will include its own hashtag #steponit to also continue the brand's digital force. Remember when #boxerina launched? While we wait with bated breath for the line to launch next year, here are 9 of the brand's prettiest jewelry pieces that I'd totally wear on my feet.

1. Flower Ring

Between the Swarovski elements and flower details I could definitely see these being a strap detail on a pair of sexy stilettos.

2. Statement Necklace

Turquoise stones are both elegant and funky, so why not wear them on your feet?

3. Drop Earrings

Sparkle meets edgy with chain details and the cool design would make for an awesome shoe detail.

4. Glistening In Green

This drop bib necklace would look incredible covering the top of your foot and wrapping around you ankle on a sexy sandal.

5. I Do

I'm clearly a flower girl, but seriously: How pretty would these flowers look on your feet?

6. Chain Details

Edgy chain and metal details would be seriously chic on a spring bootie.

7. Spikes

Spikes on are just as spectacularly edgy on shoes as on jewels.

8. Shine Bright

Bright colors and sparkles will certainly make your feet dazzle.

9. Ear Cuff

This ear cuff is magnificent and the design would look superb as a shoe accent as well!

Images: Dannijo