Congrats to Alexis Bledel, But Lorelai Gilmore Would Not Be Happy If Rory Married Pete

Congratulations Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser! Or a belated congratulations, anyway. Bledel and Kartheiser got married in June but have kept their official status a secret until now. The Gilmore Girls star and the Mad Men actor had been dating since 2012 and engaged since 2013; the two met on the set of Mad Men, where Bledel played a tragic mistress to Kartheiser's Pete Campbell.

It wasn't this TV pairing that their real-life union made me think of, though. I am a huge fan of Mad Men and Gilmore Girls, and like many people, I immediately thought that Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore had gotten married. It's a strange union; aside from both having baby faces and ambition, the characters don't have much in common.

The feminist world of the Gilmore girls would have no tolerance for the slimy Pete, and Rory's intelligence and drive would be undervalued on Madison Avenue. Though it's difficult to imagine that Rory would ever marry Pete, I can totally see him being a bad decision she made in one of her more rebellious phases. And of course, her mother Lorelai would have a lot to say about ole Petey. Lorelai was often critical of Rory's boyfriends, and Pete is even worse news than Jess.

Here are reasons Lorelai would have a huge problem with Pete Campbell.

1. He's sexist

Pete has been known to tell women stuff like "it wouldn’t be a sin for us to see your legs. And if you pull your waist in a little bit, you might look like a woman.” As one of the most feminist characters on TV, Lorelai would be disgusted if he dated Rory.

2. He's unfaithful

Lorelai is not OK with infidelity, as she made clear to Rory, and Pete has cheated on his wife Trudy a ton.

3. He'd hurt Rory, Because He Hurt Beth

Since he hurt Beth, Bledel's character on Mad Men, he'd certainly hurt Rory, too. Not cool.

4. He's too much of a bad boy

Lorelai made enough mistakes as a young person to not be charmed by Pete's drinking, womanizing, and flippant attitude.

5. He's not funny

I feel like Lorelai might like Roger Sterling, but Pete doesn't have the sense of humor that seems like a prerequisite in the Gilmore universe.

6. He's just creepy

And everyone thinks so.

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