Alexis Bledel & Vincent Kartheiser Are Married & They Kept It a Secret for a Really Long Time

Exciting news for fans of Mad Men and Gilmore Girls, alike! Reportedly, Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser got married! IN JUNE. Well, well, well. Aren't these two sneaky? Just like Kartheiser tricked us all into thinking he is actually balding, and Bledel tricked us into thinking college applications are due in June (well, technically, their characters did, but you get the idea), we've all been tricked into thinking this couple was just regular old engaged this whole time, when actually they've been married for two months.

According to Gossip Cop, a rep for the couple confirmed that they were married earlier this summer in California. The site also reports that some of Kartheiser and Bledel's Mad Men costars were in attendance. That's right, Kartheiser and Bledel's. You didn't forget she was on the show as Pete Campbell's mistress who received electroshock therapy, did you?

Unsurprisingly, there isn't any more information about the actual ceremony available. This is a celeb couple that kept their wedding secret for two months, do you really think they're going to start posting Instagrams about it now? Heck no!

We do know that the couple got engaged in March 2013, and that Us Weekly first reported they were dating about a year before that in June 2012. But who knows if that was the truth? They could have been together for years and no one would know.

Actually, there are a couple people who know that their love really did form on the Mad Men set: Jon Hamm and Matthew Weiner who, of course, know about everything that has to do with the show. In an interview with Vulture in April, Hamm said, "I did know he liked her from a very early point. I was a supporter of that union," and Weiner added, "I told Vinnie that they would be great together. I was like, 'Don't blow it!'"

It looks like Kartheiser definitely didn't blow it, and these two ended up as partners in keeping their private lives private.

Congrats to the happy couple! Even if it is a couple months late...

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