What's That "To Be With You" Song In The Wendy's Ad? Yup, It's Another Parody — VIDEO

First, she tackled power ballad “All By Myself” (here’s something I didn’t know: Céline Dion's version is a cover. The song was originally written and performed by Eric "Hungry Eyes" Carmen in the ‘70s. Huh! I'll be sure to save that tidbit in the ol' brain bank for trivia night), and now Red (Morgan Smith Goodwin) is on to the next one. The Wendy's spokesperson's latest Pretzel Bacon Cheese Burger commercial should sound familiar, for it is a parody of “To Be With You” by Mr. Big.

Mr. Big was Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest on the popular television show Sex and the City, and his fear of commitment was a recurring theme throughout the series. He would eventu— OOPS. Wrong Mr. Big. Allow me to try that again: Mr. Big is a band, duh. "To Be With You" is from their 1991 album Lean In With It, and the single was a (Mr.) big hit. It's a '90s classic, I say! A. Classic.

Do you want to witness firsthand what affect this song has on people? Go to a bar, flip through the jukebox's song catalog, and select "To Be With You." Wait. When the song begins, clap on the 2 and the 4. And then, watch the sing-a-long commence.




Image: Wendy's