Zankie & 9 Other 'Big Brother 16' Alliances To Keep Track Of

As soon as you enter the Big Brother house, it is crucial that you align yourself with the best players in the game. If you don't align yourself with anyone, well in the wise words of Big Brother 13 winner, Rachel Reilly, "Floaters, grab a life vest!" Continuing with the water puns, your alliance can either allow you to sink or swim your way to the $500,000 prize. But if this season was any indication (Devin) it is important to feel out your fellow houseguests first before aligning with them, just in case they go off the rails and leave you high and dry (Devin).

This season, there have been around 200 alliances. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it seems like everyone is making an alliance with everyone this season, and the alliances they do make are bigger than ever. You can’t make an alliance that consists of all 16 members of the house. it just doesn’t work like that. I don’t know how they manage to keep their alliances straight, I would need a journal to keep track of who I said I would take to the final two with, and the two (completely different) people I promised a final three deal with. Oh, the tangled webs we weave in the Big Brother house.

Are you having a tough time keeping track of who is “loyal” to whom this season, or just want to walk down memory lane remembering all of the now defunct alliances? Here's a guide to Big Brother 16’s many alliances, so you can be the judge of which one will make it to the end.

Image: CBS

Crazy 8s

Members: Joey, Amber, Paola, Cody, Devin, Donny, Frankie, and Nicole

Still intact: Absolutely not.

Notable moments: They didn’t name themselves the Crazy 8s because they loved the card game, that’s for sure. These houseguests were the first houseguests to enter the Big Brother house, and they soon realized that they were going to be joined by more, thus the Crazy 8s were formed for the OGs to stick together.

Image: CBS

Double D’s

Members: Devin and Donny

Still intact: Thankfully, no.

Notable moments: At first they seemed to be each other’s ying and yang, the brains and the brawn, but Devin started suspecting Donny was involved in some military grade intelligence outside the house, and tried to get him evicted Week 1. Jokes on him, because Donny is still there and Devin, well we all know how Devin went down.

Image: CBS

El Cuatro

Members: Amber, Joey, Nicole, and Paola

Still intact: Only one of them remains in the game — so no.

Notable moments: The first four women to enter the house tried so hard to make this all-female alliance work, actually never mind, they didn’t try to make this alliance work at all. Their strong leader, Joey, was the only who rwas actually loyal to El Cuatro and she was the first evicted.

Image: CBS

The Bomb Squad

Members: Who wasn’t a member? The Bomb Squad consisted of Amber, Zach, Hayden, Christine, Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Devin, and Frankie

Still intact: Eh, there is an offspring of it.

Notable moments: Devin, who took it upon himself to add even more members to a large alliance, basically sent an Evite out to the entire house inviting them to join. Devin ultimately tried to turn on his alliance by evicting Zach, which didn’t work out too well for him, as he was out the next week.

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Team America

Members: Donny, Derrick, and Frankie

Still intact: Yes, but barely.

Notable moments: Well, technically Joey was part of this alliance as well, but America and the Big Brother house didn’t necessarily agree on her fate in the game. Donny recently decided to deny America their task for his game’s best interest, angering the other two members.

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Members: Zach and Frankie

Still intact: Yes, hopefully forever

Notable moments: Oh, I don’t know. There’s that moment that Frankie and Zach cuddled, or almost kissed, or talked about moving in together… Take your pick.

Image: CBS

The Detonators

Members: Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Zach

Still intact: For now

Notable moments: The offspring of The Bomb Squad. They evicted Devin, so that was a pretty strong move on their part. Also notable, when The Detonators made up a secret handshake; I feel like they should transform into Power Rangers or something after they all put their hands in.

Image: CBS

The Hitmen

Members: Cody and Derrick

Still intact: Hell yeah

Notable Moments: These two have never been nominated and are making the big decisions in the house. They are two stealthy houseguests the others should be careful of.

Image: CBS

Los Tres Amigos

Members: Cody, Derrick, and Zach

Still intact: IDK… Technically, yes

Notable moments: They have nicknames for each other, so they win right there. Zach is Landmine — for obvious reasons —, Cody is Rico Suave — again obvious —, and Derrick is Papa Bear — more like the Godfather.

Images: CBS

The Rationale

Members: Cody, Derrick, Nicole, and Hayden

Still intact: Not for long

Notable moments: This alliance went from Quadropolis to The Quad Squad to finally The Rationale. If they spent as much time talking strategy and communicating as they did naming the alliance, they might have had a chance of survival. Unfortunately, they chose the latter.

Image: CBS