Nicki 'Sims'-naj Can Bust A Move

I just checked my reflection, and it's official: I am a mess and a half right now. Why? Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” To say I love it would be an understatement. It might as well be the only song in my iTunes library because it’s the only song I ever want to listen to anymore. Every other song can take a hike. (Okay, okay. You caught me: “Anaconda” and the “Flawless” remix are the only songs I ever want to listen to anymore. My ears belong to Onika and Queen Bey.) The preview for the music video feels like a warning: I must properly prepare my mind and body for its debut. Otherwise, I may not make it through the "Anaconda" storm.

I am so stoked for the "Anaconda" video. And I am so stoked for the inevitible Sims remake.

My favorite thing on the Internet is a Sims-ified music video (yes, that is a thing), and no, I’m not being hyperbolic. I could spend hours watching Sims reenact popular music videos. (Oops! I definitely have.) Some of the videos are wack as hell (I won't provide examples. I’m not that snarky. I’ll let you stumble upon those nightmare-makers for yourself), but some of the videos are works of art.

A personal favorite of mine is YouTube user SimsofficialvideosHD’s Sims 2 remake of Minaj’s “Super Bass.” The choreography, the backdrops, the props, the pink pool, the hair, the makeup, and the costumes are just... [exhales]. Like, I’ve been playing The Sims since I was 13 years old, and I have no idea how SimsofficialvideosHD made a motorcycle ice sculpture. It even melts!!! AS DOES MY BRAIN!!!

1:02-1:06 gives me the vapors:

Man oh man, do I hope SimsofficialvideosHD makes an "Anaconda" video.

"But Kristie," you say. "You have yet to see the 'Anaconda' vid. How can you be so sure it'll make for a good Sims music vid?"

The teaser is all I need:

There will be booty. There will be elaborate sets. There will be booty. There will be dancing. There will be booty. It's a recipe for Sims success. Sims-cess.

If there's anyone who can create a Sims version of the "Anaconda" fog, of the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, and of the pineapple record player, it's SimsofficialvideosHD. If there's anyone who can make Sims do the splits on treehouse banisters, it's SimsofficialvideosHD. And if there is anyone who can recreate the ocean wave-like motion of Minaj’s derrière with Nicki Sim-naj’s behind, it’s SimsofficialvideosHD.

I believe in "Anaconda" and I believe in SimsofficialvideosHD.

Image: SimsofficialvideosHD/YouTube