Blake Lively's Lifestyle Site Has a Sense Of Humor

Since the online debut of her new lifestyle venture, Preserve, Blake Lively's site has been the subject of a lot of commentary and critique for, well, a lot of things. Some have called it creepy and "disturbing", others painfully hipster-esque, and some, namely, Martha Stewart, boldly went as far as to call Lively's decision to make the site "stupid". (OK, fine, she said it because she thinks Lively's awesome and should stick to her acting, but still!) So Lively may have gone a bit crazy with the $18 decorative salt bowls, yes, but as celebrity lifestyle sites go, it's pretty regular. Recipes, celebrity book reviews, artisanal ketchups. You know. The usual.

Lively's well-aware of her critics and the hipster-heavy vibe her site gives off, but a recent job posting for Preserve states that the arty weirdness and do-they-or-don't-they-know-this-is-uncomfortable-ness of the site is all "tongue in cheek." They're just joking, you guys. It's all just a sign of their slightly offbeat sense of humor. As Charlotte Alter at Time writes, Lively's, uh, unique brand of "humor" is "either genius or nonexistent." It could go either way.

In a great move, Lively and the people at Preserve have taken on the critiques of their hipster vibe by showing that they have a special brand of self-referential humor. In a hilarious post by comedian David Cross, he mocks the entire thing under the pseudonym Sir Willups Brightslymoore. The title of Brightslymoore's piece? "Flower Beards: Summer’s Hottest Trend? Or Death Sentence?" Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? Guess Blake Lively approves Sir Brightslymoore's message.

If you're still unsure whether or not you're supposed to laugh, here are five prime examples of Preserve's self-referential humor. (Or if they aren't, they should be.)

Flower Beards

It's like they're kind of joking but are also kind of serious?

This lady being all silly & holding a plate over her face

She's just super silly and fun, you guys.

This empty wood crate available for $95

Oh. Oh, that's not a joke? This is actually serious?

This guy wearing an off-the-shoulder butcher apron

Oh he's not going to kill me? AHAHAHAHA THAT'S HILARIOUS!

This GIF

So this wasn't actually on Preserve, but she needs to add it stat! It will really help make her humor clear.

Images: Giphy (1), Preserve (4)