Weird Al Yankovic Should Perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show & Here's 6 Reasons Why

The idea of Weird Al Yankovic performing at the Super Bowl halftime show is well, weird. But as CNN reports, 60,000 people would argue against that claim, which as of Thursday morning, was the approximate number of signatures on a petition circulating to have the famed parody singer pick up where Bruno Mars' Super Bowl performance left off. Who knows if Weird Al can attract as many viewers and silence his critics in the same manner as Mars did when checked his haters on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but I gave this idea some serious contemplation before hastily shooing it away from the realm of possibility. And since I'm totally not into killing dreams, here are a few reasons why a Weird Al Yankovic halftime show sorta makes sense.

First off, he penned the ultimate motivational sports anthem, titled what else—"Sports Team"

It has all the components of a friendly yet competitive exchange, with insults like "You suck," and guaranteeing the opponents will be nothing more than a "swift defeat," a declaration that's "backed up by empirical evidence." Now, I'm not very competitive or even one to trash talk, but if I'm gonna do it, that last quote is definitely the way to shut anyone down.

He has a legacy — A goofy one, but a solid one

He's a multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning artist. For a guy who's made a solid career out of parodying other people's songs, there's no choice but to respect his hustle.

He's current

Even Walter White likes him! Also, he parodied Pharrell's "Happy" and released "Foil," his own spin on Lorde's "Royals" so he's obviously on top of his game.

He just got his first chart-topping album with Mandatory Fun

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What better way to commemorate his success than with a Super Bowl performance?

And true to his album title, he is actually fun!

He's a natural performer

C'mon, who doesn't want to see those moves on stage?

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