'Big Brother's Donny Voted To Evict Nicole in Thursday's Biggest Twist

When it was first revealed that Thursday night's episode of Big Brother was going to be a double eviction, you probably though that the night's biggest twist would be the second houseguest sent home. There was no way of predicting exactly who it would be, because it would all depend on very quick Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions, and the houseguests wouldn't have time to discuss gameplay or make any strategies. Well, one houseguest proved us all wrong when by singlehandedly causing the night's biggest surprise. When it came down to Hayden and Nicole as the second pair of nominees, Donny voted to evict Nicole.

As soon as Jocasta was sent home, things quickly went south on Thursday's live episode of Big Brother. Caleb won HoH and nominated Donny and Hayden, when there are other houseguests who are causing way more trouble in the house. The only problem? Most of those troublemakers have made Caleb believe they're aligned with him. We had a few brief moments of relief when Donny won PoV and became safe, but then Caleb nominated Nicole in his place.

The voting began almost immediately, barely giving Big Brother fans time to process the shock of the nominations before Donny blew us all away. Donny was never part of an official alliance, except for Team America, but he seemed to be close with Hayden and Nicole, and the three always looked out for each other and discussed gameplay with each other first. Donny and Nicole seemed to have a friendship and certainly appeared to be closer than Donny and Hayden. If anything, Nicole was the link keeping Donny and Hayden on good terms.

But when he cast his vote, Donny chose to send Nicole home. Lucky for Nicole fans, Donny was only joined by Hayden, keeping Nicole safe and sending Hayden home in a 5-2 vote. Still, it was the first really shocking move we saw Donny make and though he was put in a difficult position, it seems that he didn't make the right choice — especially since Nicole is still in the house.

If Nicole ever finds out that Donny is one of the two people who voted to evict her, Donny better watch out. He could lose his only remaining ally.

Image: CBS