'Big Brother's Nicole & Christine Should Be Enemies After Thursday's Double Eviction Revelations

Wow. I anticipated a pretty crazy episode during Thursday night's Big Brother since I knew it would be the annual jam-packed, double eviction episode. But man, you really brought it, houseguests. Most notably, Nicole and Christine went at it, and who would ever have thought we'd see the day when "Nicotine" was no more?

This whole week was kind of leading up to a big blow-up between the alliance partners. Christine was trying to get Zach out behind Nicole's back and then Nicole was going to turn on Christine by possibly backdooring Frankie, Cody, or Derrick. While none of this actually ended up happening, it's safe to say that the nerdy girl alliance we once knew and loved is no more.

So after the houseguests evicted Hayden and he walked out the door, Nicole made her move. As we were still eavesdropping on the houseguests, Nicole said, "So was this your plan the whole time?" Unfortunately, the cameras cut away to Hayden's snooze-worthy interview with host Julie Chen before we could get into the real juicy part of what was bound to become a major blow-up in the house. But alas, we'll just have to turn to the live feeds for that.

But wait a minute. Maybe Thursday night's episode didn't actually extinguish "Nicotine." According to tweets about the live feeds that continued after Thursday night's episode ended, it looks like Nicole and Christine have possibly made nice. They went to talk in the beehive room, and Christine comforted Nicole after she burst into tears.

Some sort of heart to heart is happening as I type this between Nicole and Christine. It seems like the fight is going more in the direction of a purge of feelings, and I actually think "Nicotine" might make it out of this thing alive. Sure, it's not going to be the same as the two reminiscing about their trips to Walmart as they chill in the hammock in the backyard, but their alliance may make it through this bump in the road.

However, I think we all know what's really going on here. Love her or hate her, Christine is a major mastermind in the house, and she's probably going to play Nicole just to ensure her safety in the game. After all, she reportedly laughed, maniacally I imagine, when Nicole was blindsided by Hayden's eviction. Even if they do patch things up, this alliance is still not rock solid. It is a very real possibility that Christine will turn on Nicole again and again until one of them is finally evicted.

Since Hayden was evicted from the Big Brother house during Thursday night's episode, Nicole is definitely vulnerable at this point and easily influenced. She just lost her main alliance partner, so she's definitely looking for some loyalty in the game. As sad as it is, Christine is probably her closest ally in the house right now. So all of this is to say that Nicole's time in the Big Brother house may be up very soon.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS