'Big Brother's Nicole & Christine Won Battle of the Block Because They Make a Great Team

I was prepared to be very, very sad at the end of Sunday night's Big Brother . The usually entertaining Zach was power tripping way too much during the episode, and early on, he tried to cause a rift between Nicole and Christine, both of whom I'm rooting for to win this whole shebang. To make matters worse, Zach didn't only nominate besties Nicole and Christine against each other on the block, but he also was a big old jerk to the two of them during the nomination ceremony. So when the two of them showed him and the rest of the house that they're not just floaters the other houseguests can push around by winning the Battle of the Block competition, I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer. I wanted to, but I remained seated, because exertion.

The Battle of the Block competition was appropriately wedding-themed because Nicole and Christine make the perfect pair. I would totally ship them if it wasn't for the fact that Nicole and Hayden have a thing going on, and Christine is happily married. Still, they really do form a stellar partnership, and they need to just focus on that instead of getting caught up in all the craziness that the rest of the house is bringing.

As previously mentioned, earlier in the episode Zach made Nicole question how loyal Christine is to her and their alliance by insinuating that Christine has another alliance. Nicole, who always looks so naive even though she probably is a smart girl, looked very confused and distraught over this news and immediately brought it up with Christine to sort it all out. Christine did her best to smooth things over with Nicole, but she was understandably upset with Zach.

Still, Christine really needs to get it together. All along, she's found herself simultaneously aligned with Nicole, "The Bomb Squad," and now "The Detonators," the latter of which she just kind of fell in with. Nicole is actually a true good friend of Christine's in the house, and from what we can tell, Nicole has been very loyal to Christine so far. With their similar quirky personalities, black, thick-rimmed glasses, and love of shopping at Wal-Mart, these two are made for each other. Even though Big Brother is about winning and not about making friends, wouldn't it be easier to make it all the way to the end with someone you genuinely like and would want to protect? The two seem fairly evenly matched as threats, so I don't see the issue here. Not to mention, someone on the Interwebs came up with the name "Nicotine" to describe the duo, and it is basically the most perfect name in all of Big Brother-dom.

It also looks like Nicole, Christine, and Zach have made up since what we saw in Sunday night's episode. They know you've got to play nice to get ahead in this game. I can only hope that the good thing that came out of Zach's blow-up would be for Christine to be solely loyal to Nicole.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS