Their Experience Is About to Pay Off

This awards show just got even hotter. MTV announced that Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora will be performing "Black Widow" at the VMAs. Oh my gosh, I feel like I need to cut my shirt into a crop top and run around my apartment in high heels now. Yes, this will be awesome, and there's veritable proof why it will be.

The song is super catchy. You know the two are dynamite together. Plus, anytime two (or more!) ladies who know how to perform a Top 40 hit fuse together, female pop magic is made . Remember "The Boy Is Mine?" Of course you do. Remember "Beautiful Liar?" How could you forget it? "Lady Marmalade" combined four female pop staples, so that should be engrained in your brain forever.

Ora and Azalea are part of a dynamic history in pop music of females combing together for one awesome song. And also — they've performed it before. It's one thing for there to be a killer video, but they've already executed the whole thing in front of an audience, which is a boon because sometimes, live performances can go awry and the more experience you have together as performers, the better. (Azalea knows that all too well .... apologies for the awkward memories, but that Dancing with The Stars flub was pretty awkward).

Plus, in the video you'll see below, you can see that the've nailed this song while performing outside, without the bells and whistles that the VMAs will likely pull out for them.

So! First, let's revisit the video.

And now — live.

They knock it out of the park, don't they? Okay, so now just imagine that, plus all that MTV magic.

And between these ladies performing, Beyonce performing and receiving a major honor, and Ariana Grande taking the stage... might this year be a year for the ladies at the VMAs?

Fingers crossed.