Beyonce's 2014 VMA Performance Could Include a Destiny's Child Reunion, If We're Lucky

All hail Queen Bey. MTV announced that Beyoncé will receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the VMAs, which is the highest honor that an artist can receive at the notorious (but oh so glorious) awards show. In the past, the award has been given to Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson (obvs). It only makes sense that Bey would be on the list of those honored; she's a pop music force to be reckoned with (ahem, the Beygency will get you, haters). In addition to the honor, Beyoncé will be performing at the VMAs. It's the Night of Beyoncé! She's also leading the pack of nominees with eight nominations.

You know my girl will tear up the stage and not let you forget that 'Yoncé is Queen, because 1) she's Beyoncé and 2) this is the awards show that's infamous for having performers pull out all of the stops. Remember Britney Spears and her snake? Of course you do. But if that's too far back in pop music history for you, then you certainly can recall Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus' onstage debacle from 2013, right?

Also, when Timberlake accepted the Vanguard Award last year, he had his former bandmates 'N Sync join him onstage for an oh so short, but oh so sweet medley of their greatest hits. Will Beyoncé reunite with Destiny's Child during her performance? One can only hope.

Image: Giphy