Jane Fonda Carries Ryan Gosling Chair Like It's No Big Deal, Even Though It Obviously Is — PHOTO

How does one even begin a story about Jane Fonda carrying a chair with Ryan Gosling's face on it? Ah! I guess that's how! You heard me right everybody, Jane Fonda has a chair with Ryan Gosling's face on it. And she carried it. In public. In the daytime. Uh... happy Friday?! Obviously there are a number of factors at play here: 76-year-old actress/political activist/exercise aficionado Jane Fonda, 33-year-old actor Ryan Gosling, a chair, the carrying of a chair, Gosling's photo on the chair, the world's never-ending obsession with Ryan Gosling. How do these all connect?! The world needs to know!

Well, according to Vulture, the chair is likely somehow involved in Fonda's new Netflix show, Grace and Frankie . The show is about two women (Fonda and Lily Tomlin) whose husbands (Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) leave them for each other. It costars Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael, and Ethan Embry. Yep, that sounds like exactly the type of show which would also involve a Ryan Gosling face chair.


Maybe it is though... Let's think about this for a minute. There must be some sensible reason that a RyGos chair is a part of this. I have a few ideas.

  • After their husbands leave them, Fonda and Tomlin move in together and need some new furniture that says, "I'm a hot woman on the prowl... for Ryan Gosling."
  • Either Fonda or Tomlin's character is getting over her split by pretending Ryan Gosling is her new lover. The show will also include a blender with Gosling's face on it, a life-size cardboard cutout of the actor, and, of course, Ryan Gosling underwear. (Not to be confused with Ryan Gosling's underwear because we have to draw the line somewhere, people!)
  • Fonda's character finds this chair in her husband's home and it's a clue to his secret life.
  • Tomlin and Fonda join forces post-split and start an shop devoted to chairs with celebrity faces on them.
  • Brooklyn Decker's character owns one and Fonda's character decides to steal it from her house one day as revenge.
  • Waterston and Sheen, now free to be their true selves, decide they better just make things even more perfect by including The Gos.
  • The show couldn't get the real Ryan Gosling to sign on, so his character is played by this chair. It's funny, OK?!
  • It's not part of the show; Fonda just likes sitting in her favorite Ryan Gosling chair on set.
  • It's not part of the show; Fonda just saw that it was on sale and had to bring it to work to show everyone. (Yes, the chair seriously exists, and it is seriously discounted to THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.)

Regardless of why Jane Fonda is carrying this chair, I love it. And, dare I say, it's even better than Macaulay Culkin wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Macaulay Culkin on it.

Yeah, I went there.