Megan Fox Is a Teresa Giudice Fan & It’s Further Proof She’s Not Just a Beautiful Robot

Megan Fox is a woman of who garners many descriptors — and basically all of them are synonyms for really smokin' hot. Megan Fox is beautiful. Megan Fox is sexy. Megan Fox is probably from the same full-lipped, good cheekbone-having planet from which Angelina Jolie descended in the early '90s to star in Cyborg 2 (it was probably an intergalactic work visa thing). Megan "is a" Fox has pretty much made a career out of being an unattainable superhuman. Basically, for the sake of your emotional wellbeing, Megan Fox is not somebody you compare yourself to all that often. Unless you're a Real Housewives fan, that is, because just like us mere mortals, Fox just cannot get enough of slightly (or very) toasted middle-aged women ripping out each other's hair extensions. Yup, Megan Fox is obsessed with Real Housewives , and her husband, Brian Austin Green, is too.

"They're addicting," Fox told E! "And we talk about it. We're like, 'Could you believe Teresa did that?' They're like drugs those shows. It's my worst vice for sure."

Fox admitted the series is like "junk food for your brain," but that she and her husband still DVR the ones they miss so they can watch them together later. (It's just like I'm always saying — trashy reality television is better and cheaper than couple's therapy.) And her favorite housewives are of the New Jersey and Beverly Hills varieties.

On second thought, Megan Fox is not only human, but I think she might also be my twin.

It turns out Megan Fox does, in fact, have occasional human-like tendencies. Let's take a look at some other times Fox fooled us into thinking she was just one of the gals.

Celebrity Instgrams aren't usually my first stop on the humanizing-starlet express, but dammit if I'm not a sucker for a good ol' fashion make-up free selfie.

Sure, Fox is still beautiful (and her eyebrows still give me a complex), but knowing that perfect cat-eye eyeliner is not a natural, intrinsic part of her being is kind of nice. Unfortunately, her Instagram bio professes her to be a "forest nymph" and "Lunar Leo mother goddess to 2 bohemian revolutionaries," so it's kind of a one step forward, two steps backwards kind of deal there, but I'll take it!

And just the other night she made a butt joke on Conan ! It was magical! She's just like us. Maybe they put something in that fancy talk show water, because the butt joke isn't the only proof. She could have been any other mom when she stopped by Ellen in May to share some baby pictures (just like all those regulars you went to high school with are doing all over Facebook) and to chat about throwing up a lot and other fun things that make me devoutly thankful not to have procreated (also just like the regulars you went to high school with).

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So there you have it. Megan Fox: just like us, one baby picture at a time.

Image: wedoitbetta/Tumblr; Megan Fox/Instagram