Is Rihanna Fashion Coming Our Way?

Although tons of celebs have lifestyle/apparel/beauty brands, there's one style star whose name has always been suspiciously absent from that list — Rihanna. Despite her collaborations with MAC Cosmetics and the collections she's designed for River Island, the pop singer has yet to introduce a fashion-related brand of her own, aside from a series of fragrances. But that may be changing soon, based on recent reports which claim Rihanna has trademarked her last name (which is Fenty, BTW) leading many to believe that a RiRi-helmed apparel or fashion brand is on the horizon.

The singer is a huge fashion mover and shaker, influencing everyone from Olivier Rousting of Balmain to teenagers on Instagram. Any brand with her name attached would do well, as evidenced from the success of her fragrances. The fashion world is Rihanna's oyster! But what do I want from Rihanna? A sportswear line would be far too basic for the Queen of Public Nudity. No, I'm picturing something much more exotic from Rihanna's future business. Something that mimics what Rihanna does best: high style, minimal fabric.

Unlike Beyonce (Vanessa Friedman's words, not mine) Rihanna is an uncontested Style Icon of the highest order. I'm happy to put my wardrobe in her hands — but only if she takes my advice and founds one of these five companies.

1. Lingerie

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let's start with the obvious: Rihanna would design some killer lingerie. With the amount of bras and sheer clothing she rocks on stage and on the street, there is no one who knows lingerie better than Rihanna. I'd love to see her produce some outerwear-worthy underwear.

2. Sheer Evening Gowns

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Picture this: Rihanna's sheer couture evening gowns take over the Red Carpet and begin a body positive pro-nudity movement that takes over society. Okay, maybe that's far-fetched. But I bet they'd be at least as pretty as the sparkly number she wore to the CFDA.

3. Glam Athleticwear

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Working out is boring, but you need to get to it if you want abs like Rihanna's. You know what would help? A line of glitzy workout gear created by RiRi herself! Should include hypnotizing rhinestones to stare at while trying to get through a grueling treadmill routine.

4. Skincare

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone with a back that flawless should create a skincare line that all Americans are required to begin using at the age of 25. If we're all going to start dressing like Rihanna, we should all have skin like hers too.

5. Long-sleeved Bikinis

Itsy bitsy bikinis would be so predictable. Why not have a line of long-sleeved swimsuits that put the super revealing ones to shame?

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