Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Will Make Their Own Anniversary Gifts & We Have Some Ideas

They’re just stunnin’ with their love glue gunnin’ — by which I mean way too beautiful couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds go DIY when it comes to gifting each other. With their second anniversary coming up in September, Lively admitted to E! News that she and the Mr. like to go the extra mile when it comes to presents. “Normally, we make something for each other,” she said, “because that’s something that lasts and isn’t something you just found and bought in a store.”

It’s sort of adorable to think of the Green Lantern himself sitting at a craft table, trying to bedazzle a hair barrette for Lively. Or Lively sitting in a rocker, knitting a sweater for her hubs — mainly because he has the sort of pecs you wouldn’t want to cover with a sweater, even if it was made with love by Serena van der Woodsen. But the Gossip Girl alum said that handmade gifts are just their thing. What can you expect from the creator of the hipster marketplace and lifestyle site Preserve?

Of course, it’s their second anniversary so there are some traditions they need to follow, so here are a few inspiring ideas they can take home to their craft corners.

Traditional Gift: Cotton

Jolie Marche/Etsy

The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, symbolizing how marriages are strong because they're so adaptable. While my mind immediately went to cotton candy or even an embroidery hoop from Reynolds, maybe they can design and stuff a whole pillow of cotton instead, sort of like this one from Etsy shop Jolie Marche.

Modern Gift: China


Ohmygosh! Lively can paint china like this funny teacup for Reynolds. It's so possessive, it makes me laugh. This one is from MadeWithGreatLove. China apparently symbolizes elegance and beauty in marriage, and the best way to push that home is with terms of endearment on your plates.

Gemstone: Garnet

J. Arthur Loose/Etsy

Or maybe if Lively or Reynolds have some welding skills up their sleeves they can make each other matching garnet rings like this one from Etsy's J. Arthur Loose. This is best for a veteran crafter though.

Color: Red


The best way to show love is through red knitted boot cuffs, similar to these from fizzaccessory. I can definitely see Reynolds making his own knitting pattern to make some for Lively. Red's a lucky color too, and red cuffs could be the next season's go-to accessory, especially if Lively takes them on.

Flower: Cosmos


Or maybe they can let their inner Picassos out and paint a pretty bit of flora like this painting of cosmos flowers from SusannahTucker. Cosmo flowers mean modesty in marriage, and maybe a modest evening, celebrating their second anniversary is what these two are planning. At least they have some second anniversary ideas to get them started.

I'm sure Lively will paint something nice for Reynolds and Reynolds will crochet something nice for Lively. Even if it comes out terribly, the gifts will at least be from the heart which, for him, lies under that well-chiseled, fit, masculine body... Enjoy the gift guide, guys!

Images: Etsy (5)