'Finding Carter' Bird & Carter Spoilers from Series Star Kathryn Prescott Reveal A Big Fight Ahead

On MTV's new addicting drama Finding Carter , Carter's friendship with Bird hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Though the two girls have worked out their issues, they may be headed for another major blowout, according to Kathryn Prescott, who plays Carter. When I mention in an interview with Prescott that there are fans online who ship Bird and Carter as a couple, she says not so fast. "There's stuff in the next episode that happens that would maybe make Carter, even if she did swing that way, not be interested in Bird," she says, referring to this Tuesday's episode "Throw Momma From The Trash."

Carter and Bird have gotten through one rift already, over the whole painting debacle, and in the end it actually brought them closer as friends. Bird admitted that it wasn't really Carter she was painting, but herself, and revealed that she was attacked by someone in a mask and still felt the effects of the trauma. Bird's attack has sparked tons of speculation about how it could be related to the overall storyline, but according to Prescott, that's all we will hear about Bird's trauma this season.

"You don't find that much more out about that particular thing with Bird... There's a time jump between when [that episode] airs and then [the next episode]. I feel, in my head anyway, that they maybe spoke about it more, but it was one of those things where I don't think Bird wanted to discuss it in detail or like, talk about it," Prescott says. "I even think that Bird's parents maybe do know, and it has been a thing with them, and maybe they're the kind of parents who don't want to talk to her about it. Maybe they just put her in therapy or something."

Prescott notes that the traumatic event was most likely from a while ago, but that was still weighing heavily on Bird's mind. She then adds that the only thing that Bird really needed in that moment was a good friend to open up to, which Carter provided — even after their fight.

"I think that the fact that Carter said, 'Oh my God, I'm so sorry,' hugged her, and didn't force her to keep talking about it, [was important to her]."

As for the rumors that Bird's attack may have had something to do with Crash, Prescott is quick to dispel them. According to Prescott, Crash isn't involved with Bird's attack (at least, as far as we know right now), but she does hint that Bird and Crash may have been more than just friends with benefits in the past.

"You'll find out that [Crash] and Bird were a thing at some point, and that maybe they were going to end up as more than just a thing," she reveals.

Could that mean that Bird goes after Carter's new boyfriend Crash in the next episode? Given their very recent history (sex in the closet within earshot of Carter), and Prescott's comments about the next episode, it certainly doesn't seem like Bird and Crash are "just friends." Will Crash stay loyal to Carter? Will Bird stay loyal to Carter? Tune into at 10 p.m. on Tuesday to find out.

Images: MTV; mtvfindingcarter/tumblr