11 Dorm Room Essentials I Forgot to Pack for College, But You Shouldn't

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Packing is tricky. For starters, anyone who tells you they "pack light" is usually a liar. On the other extreme, you have over-packers, like me. I can never seem to figure out how to fold my clothes in the perfect way to maximize the size of my suitcase, nor am I usually willing to leave anything at home.

And yet, when it came time to prepare for college (which I think we can all agree is way worse than packing for vacation), I found that for all my efforts to bring with me the comforts of home, there were a few key essentials that got overlooked in the chaos of packing, daydreaming about parties, and promising myself that this was the year I’d be organized.

But don't worry, student! I'm ready to pass my wisdom on to you. In the mad rush to get ready for college, here are 11 items you might not think to pack, but will most certainly be happy you did once college move-in day rolls around.

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