'Bachelor in Paradise's "Prize" is Kind of Vague

ABC's newest Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise , has all the hallmarks of the franchise: close quarters, a group of half-desperate singles who want to get into a relationship, host Chris Harrison, and a weekly rose ceremony. What doesn't it have? A set cast, as new men and women will be added each week. And there's no stated goal for the participants. Obviously the main shows never had a monetary reward, but usually the goal is to get a rose each week until the Bachelor/ette picks you. However, on Bachelor Pad, the contestants fought over $250,000. Here, the goal is to just make it week to week until everyone remaining is paired off. The relationship is their reward.

So no, there’s no set “prize” that the finalists receive, but there are definitely games people are willing to play in order to get the results they're looking for. The longer they stay in the house, the better chance they have making a connection with someone that will last beyond the show, or stringing someone along in hopes of waiting until someone better shows up in the next episode.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the guys and girls in the house came to this show with preconceived goals. Marcus Grodd wants to use this as a chance to get over his heartbreak with Andi Dorfman, while Lacy Faddoul is hellbent on sticking around longer than she did during Juan Pablo Galavis' season. So far, she's succeeded, since she's not only made it past the first episode, but has two guys interested in her so far (and rumors that she ends up getting engaged to Marcus in the finale).

Since all of these people have seen one another on TV before — and in some cases, already costarred on another season of the show — many came in with existing crushes or people that they're interested in pursuing.

AshLee Fraizer is so excited to get with Graham Bunn that she’s already broken into tears over Clare Crawley asking him to go on a date with her a whole 24 hours after they met. Unless she ends up getting engaged to Graham in Episode 4, she'll definitely feel like she "lost" this show. She's already admitted that the only reason she came on the show was in hopes of meeting him. Graham, on the other hand, seems like he wants to play the field a little bit, and might not want to be tied down quite so early — he was pretty eager to take Clare's date card.

Whether they came in with a plan or just hoping to distract from a broken heart, the cast of Bachelor in Paradise has a lot of drama coming for them. Tears, fights, and at least one ambulance can be seen in the season trailer, and while there's no set prize for them to "win," the competition to stay in the house is already steep. Two ladies went home in the premiere, and the rest of the season will undoubtedly be just as tough. If you want to find love in Paradise, you better come prepared for a battle.

Images: ABC