Taylor Swift Is About To Out-Nerd Herself

Our girl Taylor Swift has just solidified her place in history as the best person to ever live. Quite an accolade, but, then again, she's quite a gal. So what has she done this time that's so freakin' fabulous? Well, she's made herself quite possibly the nerdiest, most unattractive guest to ever grace Jimmy Fallon's late night stage, but no worries it's all in good fun. Like, really good, extra special fun. She's even christened herself with a new name as well. Meet the endearingly unaware Taylor Swift "Natalie," world.

Now, Natalie isn't just an alter ego, she's practically a different person from the RED singer altogether. As Us Weekly points out, Swift completely transformed herself by simply wearing a over sized pair of red framed spectacles and a mouth full of metal with a fairly hefty overbite. Hey, we've all been there. Well, at least I have. To make matters even better, Natalie is stopping by Fallon for an extra special reason-- to film a new installment of "Ew!" with the host's own female counterpart, and her family friend Sara.

Of course, we're only allowed a glimpse into the actual hilarity of the segment in the promo, but really it's all we need to get the feel for this Natalie character. And even in a mere forty second clip, Swift nails the utter awkwardness of being an early, insecure teen seeking the approval of others. Something tells me cool girl Sara may not be so welcoming of poor, unfashionable Natalie.

Ugh, middle school flashbacks.

Watch the promo below: