Ginuwine's "Pony" Meets Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement' in the Most Bizarre Mashup You May Ever See — VIDEO

I think we can all agree that the 90's were like a ten year long lucid dream that we're still trying to piece together to make some sort of sense. A weird and yet whimsical time that produced the best, gif-worthiest material that has afforded us more joy and jubilation than we truly deserve. In fact, the 90's were so forward in pop culture trends, that the internet can still find beautiful, gleaming gems in even its most mundane forms of entertainment. Like this equally horrifying and hilarious video that has upgraded the web from a tropical storm to a full on hurricane of evil genius. No, you're eyes and ears aren't deceiving you, that is in fact a Tim Allen and Ginuwine remix to "Pony," the most sexually overt song to ever grace the Billboard charts.

So this is for all you haters who never thought that mystifying Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor groan was good for anything other than a half-assed, slightly disturbing, and always irritating catch phrase. Look how wrong you were. Because now Tim Taylor has a semi-decent music video that loads of people are going to watch, or really, have been watching. And look at you, I bet you're not in any music videos at all.


Check out the video below for Tim Allen to show you how it's really done and for your life to literally NEVER BE THE SAME: