'Real Housewives of Orange County' Tamra's Feuds Are Getting Out of Control, So Here's a Guide

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It's been an eventful season of Real Housewives of Orange County for Tamra Judge. She managed to get in the middle of the Shannon vs. Heather email debacle, and fan the flames on both sides while simultaneously being the person who sort of spread the rumor that started it in the first place. And when Lizzie confronted her about not attending her birthday party, Tamra took to Facebook to pull back the curtain and reveal that the producer's had some influence in the night's events. However that didn't stop Lizzie from being insulted and may have gotten Tamra fired from the show entirely.

So things aren't going great for Tammy Sue, and when the girls all confront her in Bali, Tamra literally runs away from the truth: that no one likes her anymore. But is she really without any friends? Let's go through the cast one by one and see if there's anyone left that's still willing to put up with her.

Image: Richard May/Bravo

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