Heather, Tamra, & Shannon Might Have Made Up

Thanks to some interesting new cast members that brought a whole new energy to the series, Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County has more than earned its OG status. While the conflicts are so basic they're almost almost petty (you showed up late, you didn't RSVP), adding the easily exasperated Shannon Beador into the mix with Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge has made for a three-sided conflict that's been going on for weeks now. None think of themselves as the guilty party, no one wants to apologize, and all are getting increasingly hysterical. While the season is beginning to wind down, there's still plenty of juice left in the fight. But judging by how the ladies are behaving in the offseason, it may fizzle out by the time the cameras stop rolling. So here's a handy guide to who's getting along with whom these days, OC style.


Heather and Tamra are thick as thieves right now on the show, but Tamra is a fickle creature. If the producers whisper to her that they need her to start a fight with Heather, Tamra will be throwing out accusations about Heather in a heartbeat. But right now, it seems like they are still getting along. Just a week ago, Tamra posted this gag photo of the two as Thelma and Louise, a gift from Heather.

And about a month ago, Heather posted a supportive message about Tamra's custody battle, calling her a "great friend." But the two haven't been hanging out very often… or at least, haven't been publicly documenting it. But aside from Vicki, who's always out on the town, that's how the OC ladies roll. They meet up to shoot and then for the most part, go off and spend time with their own families.

But Heather and Tamra have sent enough supportive messages to one another that it's clear that they're still friends… or, at the very least, allies.


Heather and Shannon were screaming at one another just weeks ago on the show, but time may have mellowed out the feud. Heather wrote an apologetic Bravo blog titled "I Did Owe Shannon an Apology." Heather Dubrow actually ADMITTED SHE WAS WRONG! Of course, she immediately follows it up by saying everything wasn't really her fault and here's why Shannon was wrong about everything and she would have been fine with the confrontation if it just happened at a different time. So there's a lot of caveats, but thank goodness Heather is able to see that she really messed up here.

Interestingly, she calls out Tamra for talking out of both sides of her mouth and getting away with it, and the blog was written just after the reunion was taped. So, Heather could be getting ahead of a big Tamra reunion backlash and distancing herself from her friend. Bad move as a pal, but a smart move as a cast member who knows Tamra will be safe no matter what because she's willing to drum up drama. The last line of Heather's blog suggests that some alliances are about to be shaken up… so perhaps Heather and Shannon will finally reach a truce.


Tamra's the ultimate double-dealer. She can't help herself. She somehow manages to genuinely try to avoid fighting and yet start it up wherever she goes by constantly changing sides. And her excuses are so transparent. Really, Tammy Sue? You "can't remember" if you told Shannon that Terry said he would "take the Beadors down?" Vicki knows. And with Vicki's friendship and support, Shannon's becoming hip to Tamra's tricks and explicitly calls out her lies in her blog. But now that the season's over, the two might be getting along.

Granted, the evidence that they've made up is slight — just a photo with the two smiling while shooting a commercial — but it's there.

Look! They're sitting together in close quarters and while the smiles seem pretty forced, neither one is crying or pulling the other's hair. Shannon might have done the impossible and figured out a way to let a Tamra Judge fight go. It may have killed off Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi, but if this trio makes peace, it'll be because Heather and Shannon won't go down in the face of a senseless Tamra fight.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo; Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador/Instagram